Louis - Three Months!

Happy three month birthday, little Louie!


This month, Louis can:

- hold his head and neck off the floor - resting his weight on his hands - while on his belly

- loosely hold toys and bring them to his mouth

- sleep through the night (every night! Yay!!)

- roll from his back to his right side

- laugh (at tickles and at funny voices)



Louis likes:

- Mama - he's starting to prefer sticking close, rather than being passed around to others

- holding hands with Nasko

- schedules and routines at home

- soaking in the bathtub


Louis dislikes:

- too many people and too much noise

- when Mama accidentally snaps his neck fat into his onesie (mind you, it only happened once!)


Since the day he turned two months old, Louis has slept through the night. He took a three-day break for a growth spurt, but he has otherwise stuck with this new skill. While I love to hear him laugh, having the option of sleeping from 9:30-6:00 is a beautiful thing and probably one of my favorite new developments.

Louis loves to have Nasko talk to him and touch him. It hardly matters what type of mood he's in, he instantly perks up when Nasko sits next to him. Nasko is such a good big brother, and he recognizes his ability to comfort Louis. Twice now, he's gone to Louis while Louis is crying, and asked to hold his hand and talk to him until he calms down. "Nasko do it. All-done cry, baby Louis. Hold hand."

Louis has such a great sense of humor! He laughs frequently, but laughs the most when tickled by his Taty. In the past week, he's even started laughing when we talk to him or make silly faces at him.

While I was getting ready for a Women of Faith conference recently, I realized that Louis loves to just lounge in his baby bathtub. This realization buys me a couple minutes to style my hair at the sink, two feet away. He typically just giggles and coos while laying in the soapy water.

Louis remains a very chunky baby. He's an efficient eater (only nurses for 10-15 minutes per session), but he's obviously getting plenty to eat! He's mostly wearing 3-6 month clothing, but could easily be ready for a few 6-9 month clothes.

This dude is not going to sit still for long! In the past couple days, Louis has started purposefully rolling to his right side. He just has to keep up with his busy big brother! It's hard to believe this little man has been in our family for three months already!


Happy 7th Birthday, Nasko!

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