Happy 7th Birthday, Nasko!

We celebrated Nasko's 7th birthday on Monday with our families! 20130903-142943.jpg

We had a "donut-themed" party in honor of one of his favorite things in life. I used felt and embroidery floss to make shirts for Nasko and Louis.


Nasko actually understood what it meant to have a birthday party this year. I took him with me to ToysRUs a few weeks ago, and helped him create his birthday list. I did edit his list a bit (I may have removed a hot pink Barbie Jeep), but mostly I let him tell me what interested him.



Nasko put some of the following items on his list this year:

Rescue Heros (like GI Joes, but police officers and fire fighters) Barking and walking dogs Playmobil buses, hospital, dentist, and horse sets Toy leaf blower



Nasko received mostly everything he asked for, and then some (including the leaf blower which he tries to use on the dog)!

While making his list, I kept encouraging him to add a few books.  He finally looked at me and said, "Mama!  No books!"

Despite his attempts, he comes from two extended families who all love to read... he received a few books!



Many of his gifts required assembly.  I suppose that is a sign that he is getting older.  After Nasko opened his presents, everyone grabbed an item or two and began assembling.  Everything got put together in record time!



It was a fun party with lots of extended family.



20130903-143302.jpgThanks to Ashley's Custom Cakes, the party even had a donut cake!

20130903-143313.jpgNasko blew his candles out SO FAST.  No one even got a picture of the lit cake!

This party was a good time to get pictures of my side of the family (sadly, some of the Reverend's family was sick or out of town).

20130903-143520.jpgThe boys with Uncle B (my brother) and Aunt Heidi.




my dad, my mom, me, Louis, Nasko, Chance, Heidi, and Brian



Our little family!


Nasko's actual birthday was on Wednesday.  We put candles in his donut and gave him a Playmobil school bus.

Donuts and buses... what more could Nasko want?!


Happy birthday to our little dude!


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