Louis - Two Months!

Happy two month birthday, little Louie!  


This month, Louis can:

- control his head and neck better

- watch family members as they walk across a room

- bat at toys (mostly unintentionally)

- sleep through the night (about every three days!)

- smile (even when it is not related to gas)

20130802-111418.jpg (Louis was watching Nasko during this picture. Chance and I were probably giving Nasko the same bewildered look, actually!)

Louis likes:

- Mama and Taty - especially when he is sleepy

- breastmilk (it's probably going to be his favorite food for a while... I'd take it off this list, but you can tell by looking at him, it really IS one of his favorite things!)

- going new places and looking around

- watching dangling toys

- listening to Nasko talk and sing. Nasko can always make him smile!

- being carried on Mama's back in her wraps (Mama likes this too; yay for productivity!)

- sucking on his fist

- being outside


Louis dislikes:

- shirts being pulled over his head

- his car seat (but he has made a huge improvement over a month ago!)

- falling asleep in any way other than being carried and walked

- gas and belly aches


Louis continues to be a relatively laid-back baby. When he does cry or fuss, there is always a reason. He's generally happy, but does complain when his belly hurts and when he's exhausted.

Louis no longer wants to fall asleep while eating. He's such a good eater, I wonder if he worries he might miss part of the meal if he nods off! We've learned that he likes to be walked before bed. We're getting our exercise by taking laps through the house. His diado (my dad) is pretty good at this process of getting Louis to settle down, but afterwards, Diado always needs a nap of his own!

We could really get used to Louis sleeping through the night, but he's apparently not quite ready yet! Hopefully those nights will increase and his midnight snacks will decrease. Who am I kidding though?! The Reverend still eats regularly in the middle of the night... Louis will probably never outgrow this!

Louis has gained at least six pounds in two months. He was in the 99th percentile for height at our last appointment. It's no wonder that his 3-6 month clothes are starting to look tight on him!

I always thought I'd be the mom who has her baby on a strict feeding and sleeping schedule. I've read the BabyWise books and I practiced by getting our godson Joel on a schedule when he was a baby. Personally, I've not been able to achieve a good schedule with Louis; he came up with his own! Considering Chance and I both possess some OCD tendencies and Nasko could probably be the diagnosis' poster child, I'm not too surprised by Louis' desire for structure! Louis started to take consistent naps when he was one-and-a-half weeks old. I still feed on demand, but I know those feelings will probably come almost exactly two hours apart. If Louis deviates from his schedule, there's more than likely something wrong! While there are some days I'd like to tweak his schedule, I'm trying to live by "if it ain't broke, don't fix it!"

It has been fun to watch Louis develop his ability to smile. He loves to give Nasko big grins. He's also started smiling in response to his toys moving (especially if he causes the movements). Chance appreciates the fact that Louis typically smiles at the first sound of his Taty's voice after a long day at work.

Louis already possess so much personality. It blossoms daily. We can't wait to see what next month brings!


With any luck, his personality will be calm and quiet — someone's gotta balance out his crazy brother!

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