Church Camp Reflections

Thoughts from the first full day of church camp: Fifth and sixth graders do not shower unless they are forced. Ever. They believe that the swimming pool is like a giant bathtub.

Nasko said, "All-done camp!" this morning, but thankfully changed his tune after a late-morning nap.

The Reverend covered the topic of "original sin" with his family group today (one of them asked). At this rate, I wouldn't be surprised if he is planning to assign a written report on the book of Revelation tomorrow.

Nasko's absolute favorite part of camp thus far: canteen. Considering he isn't too fond of the meals being served (can you believe they don't cater to his weird desires for Ramen noodles with two ice cubes and Parmesan cheese?!), he looks forward to buying two Kit Kats daily.

Nasko has never been allowed to eat a full Kit Kat in one sitting before, let alone two full bars in one day. Didn't you catch that we only feed him extremely healthy and organic foods?! You know, like Ramen?

When Chance asked his family group students about the reasons they came to camp, they all started by saying things like, "To develop a deeper relationship with Christ." When Chance confessed that he only attended to meet girls when he was their age, they all offered "secondary" reasons. A couple of the boys were sent because they'd recently been in serious trouble. One said his mom sent him because he played way too much World of Warcraft. Another came just to have fun. All came because they need to learn how to tell the truth, obviously...

I cannot believe I have now lived through a full cycle of in-style trends; neon from the eighties has returned. (You probably all knew this. I live in gym shorts and old VBS t-shirts as a stay-at-home mom. And let's face it, my oldest will wear anything with an airplane or fire truck on it. He's not up on fashion either!) When I look at the group of campers, I'm blinded by their bright shirts, shorts, shoelaces, accessories and hats. Tonight, I even saw a girl wearing a slap-bracelet wristwatch. Oh, and the headbands. I can hardly handle the headbands. I'm getting old.

Nasko received two letters in the mail today. He was very excited about both and made me read them multiple times. One letter was from my mom. She wrote about how she bought corn at the farmers market and froze it. While reading it, I had a flashback to when I was a camper and she'd write to me every day about when she did the laundry. Obviously Mom's life has gotten pretty exhilarating as she's gotten older. She's gone from writing about laundry to writing about freezing corn...

Nasko is incredibly afraid of toilet brushes. (I'm pretending that this is not a reflection on the fact that he's apparently never seen me use ours.) I had to hide the brush from our cabin and accompany him (twice) to another bathroom where one was present.

One little girl asked another counselor if I had adopted both of my kids. I'm taking this question as a compliment and believing that she doesn't think I look like I just gave birth to a baby.

Speaking of our baby, he's developed a little fear of strangers. Perfect timing, since he's surrounded by strangers all week. Smelly ones, at that. They still haven't showered... Oh well. There's always tomorrow.

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