Bedtime Stories with the Reverend

This afternoon as Chance and I were packing to spend our week with 80+ fifth and sixth graders at church camp, I was sharing my secrets of getting campers to sleep. I told the Reverend that I always allowed the girls to tell each other "Good night," but then I would read them a bedtime story and not allow anymore talking after the "they lived happily ever after".

I usually threatened my charges with taking away five minutes of rec time. The girls at camp always loved me...

The Reverend liked the idea of a quiet time of listening before bed. He agreed that it might work to calm the campers down. However, he wasn't too hip on reading a children's book to his students; he said he'd think about another alternative. At one point, he discussed the possibility of reading a bible story.

Around 10:30 tonight, I texted Chance and asked if his campers were all sleeping. Nasko, Louis, and I have our own cabin, so we'd been in bed since before 9:00.

The Reverend responded that his boys were, in fact, not yet asleep. He was just finishing a ten-minute explanation on the importance of context when studying the bible.

When I asked why he was teaching on such a complex topic at this time of night (not to mention his immature audience), he responded by saying, "Some people tell bedtime stories. Consider this to be my version of a bedtime story."

To the boys in the cabin called "Peace," I'm sorry. It's going to be a long week for you.

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