Who does Louis look like?

As soon as a baby is born, friends and family crowd around to share their opinions on who the child most resembles. My parents actually recall a story when they were in the hospital after my birth:

My mom's parents came and took their turn holding me and admiring me. Over and over they commented on my nose. I definitely had the Kincaid nose. No doubt about it.

Later in the day, my dad's mom came to visit. As soon as she saw me, she commented on my nose. I certainly had the Malcolm nose. She couldn't believe how my nose looked like the Malcolm side's nose!

Obviously determining resemblance is entirely subjective. Since it's my blog and my baby, I plan to tell you who I think Louis looks like. But, I'd love to hear your opinions too!

Let's start with who he doesn't look like:

Prince George


Despite the fact that William and Kate decided to use Louis as one of their baby's names, it was not because they resemble each other. But, Kate, I'm honored that you think so highly of my baby that you had to recognize him in this way.



Before Louis was born, Nasko asked us quite a few questions about this baby that would soon come live with us. At one point, Nasko asked if Louis would be a "brown baby." Sadly, Nasko, no. I'm about as pale as pale gets, and there would be no brown baby coming from me.

Now, I fully expect Louis to ACT just like his brown brother — even if they don't look anything alike.

Let's move on to the people he does look like:

Cousin Bob

Bob's baby picture 2

Bob's baby picture

At birth, I think that Louis looked most like my mom's first-cousin, Bob.



Bob recently came to visit us, and when he brought out his baby pictures, I couldn't believe how much Louis resembled him.

Also, as Chance held Louis after birth, he noticed Louis' forehead. Especially when he furrows his brow, we believe that Louis takes after Chance and his biological father.


photo 1

Louis' hairline also seems to take after this side of the family!

As Louis' appearance changes, I look at my son, and I mostly see my brother.


photo 3




While I don't think Louis resembles the Reverend too much, we do have affirmation that Louis is his son (not that we actually needed that!).

Starting with Louis' great-great-grandfather, all of the Newingham males (Chance's mother's family) have inherited a small bump in the cartilage of at least one of their ears. Louis is the first Newingham grandson, so he starts the fifth generation of boys to inherit this trait.

photo 5


Most of all though, I guess I'd have to say that Louis resembles me. (Again, it is MY blog and MY baby!)

photo 2


So, what do you think?

Who do you think our cute little man looks like?photo-3

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