Louis - One Month!

  Happy one month birthday, little Louie!


This month, Louis can:

- move his head with more coordinated movements

- see lights and ceiling fans

- turn his head and eyes to follow Mom and Dad's voices

- sleep for 3-4 hours at a time, in his cradle

- smile



Louis likes:

- Mama

- breastmilk

- looking at new surroundings

- sleeping on Taty's chest

- watching Nasko [Lord help me now, we're in trouble...]

- being "worn" in all of Mama's baby carriers


Louis dislikes:

- the initial moment of being placed in his bathwater

- his car seat ("dislike" is not a strong enough word)

- loud, startling noises

- sleeping on his back

- when Mama eats any dairy products

- being away from home past 8:00 p.m.

- not being fed immediately when he is hungry


Overall, we really cannot complain!  Louis is a very good baby.  From night one, he has slept well during the night.  He wakes up to eat (once or twice usually) but always goes right back to sleep.  He is finally allowing us to lay him down as opposed to holding him all the time.  We're pretty in love with him, so I must admit, he rarely isn't being held.  He did, however, begin his life by sleeping in our bed.  I was totally opposed initially, but also really wanted sleep, so I researched "bed-sharing" [here and here].  As he's gotten older, and more adjusted to this big, scary world, Louis has begun allowing us to put him in his cradle for more than half of the night.

We're pretty sure Louis is unable to digest milk protein (which I probably suffered from as an infant and I still have issues with lactose as an adult).  He's only had major spit-up issues two or three times, but they were after I ate ice cream and then again after I ate Doritos (containing milk).  He developed a slight rash and some gassiness - both of which are signs of the milk protein intolerance.  For now, I am completely staying away from dairy (which is better for me anyway, but more difficult now that Petersburg re-opened their Dairy Queen).  I've also had a few issues with an over-active letdown.  It seems to cause gas and force Louis to gargle his milk sometimes.  As my milk production regulates, hopefully we get an even better grip on feedings!

Louis' birth weight was 7 pounds, 15.5 ounces (would have been 8 pounds had he not pooped on the Reverend's church shirt on the way to the scale!)  Two days later, when we were discharged from the hospital, Louis had dropped to 7 pounds, 6 ounces.  One week later, at his first pediatrician appointment, he was already up to 8 pounds, 8 ounces! (The pediatrician wanted to know if I was making cream instead of milk.)  I'm planning to attend a breastfeeding support group tomorrow, and I cannot wait to see how much he's gained.  He certainly loves to eat!

Because Louis sleeps so well at night, he is very, very alert during the day.  He looks around and watches everything and everyone.  I've not missed a day of showering since he was born because I can lay him on our bed and turn the ceiling fan on for at least ten minutes of entertainment!  From minutes after birth, Louis has recognized my voice and turned his head towards me when I speak.  He can now do the same with Chance's voice.

We are so blessed by our little man, and we are attempting to savor every moment with him!


Little Brudder, Baby Woo-is