Lotto, Cigarettes, or Donuts

To my knowledge, there are only three types of people who go to Casey's Gas Station daily: First, there are the people who play lotto.

These people, mostly older, retired gentlemen, come in everyday and grab the cards for their favorite game. As they pay for their purchases, their eyes glimmer with hope. They're mostly cheerful, despite their previous bad luck. After you leave the store, you often see them scratching away at their tickets in the front seats of their cars.

These people come to Casey's in hopes of gaining fortune.

Second, there are the people who buy cigarettes.

These people are even easier to spot. Their faces are frequently the texture of leather. Sometimes they are coughing as they wait in line to purchase their goods. Many of their clothes have pockets that seem to maintain the shape of a pack long after the last cigarette was smoked. These people usually aren't hopeful or excited. They are not making a purchase of desire, but rather a purchase of necessity.

These people come to Casey's in hopes of filling an addiction.

Third, there are the people who buy donuts because they stayed in bed until green light, also known as 7:00 am, and their moms started bribing them with donuts almost six months ago and this strategy was the only one that has worked so they are still buying donuts today.

These people are actually few and far between. You might not see them at every Casey's across the nation. They're more difficult to spot out "in the wild."

You'll know them when you see them though - they are less than four feet tall and they move with the quickness. They bound out of white minivans and practically trample anything that gets between them and their purchase. They do, however, routinely stop at the entrance to quickly count the Gatorade bottles featured in the ad. (There are six. Everyday. It never changes.)

These people then open the door to the store, only to be greeted by all the cashiers, even if other customers were previously engaging in conversations. The cashiers smile and greet the donut-purchasers by name. The show "Cheers" might come to mind.

These people quickly move towards the donut case to accomplish the task for which they came. They peer into the glass, hopeful for just one specific find - a coveted "rectangle donut," or in other words, a chocolate-covered long john, filled with pudding. Most days, these people are in luck. It seems that the cook has been notified of these people's donut preferences, as more and more of the "rectangles" are being made. Occasionally though, the donut-seeking-people are required to settle for the second best - a donut with white icing, rather than chocolate.

The third type of Casey's frequenter will then carry their father's hard-earned dollar to the counter. This same dollar no longer goes as far, as the donut prices increased recently to $.96. By the time the cashiers take these people's money, the donut is more than half consumed.

These people come to Casey's in hopes of consuming large amounts of sugar.





Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday