Cold Cucumber Soup with Cake?

This morning, The Naskinator (as we affectionately call him) needed breakfast. Actually, it's crazy. These children need breakfast everyday. And lunch. And dinner.

I digress.

Well, when I asked Nasko what he wanted to eat, he kept signing "orphanage" and saying something. I still don't have any idea what word he was saying, and I wasn't sure of any foods from the orphanage that he might want for breakfast. I attempted "croissant?" to no avail.

Finally, I remembered an app on Nasko's iPad that features real-life pictures of food. I asked him if the app had a picture of what he was wanting.

This suggestion excited him, and he tore off to the other end of the house in search of his iPad.

But when he returned, he wasn't looking at his app; he was looking at pictures of himself in the orphanage from the week that Chance and I went to visit him.

He specifically showed me these two:



Nasko (who looks like a baby in those!!) wanted Cold Cucumber Soup for breakfast.

We shared an "Aha!" moment as we looked at the picture!

I promised to buy the ingredients on our next shopping trip, but in the meantime, required him to eat a hash brown and sausage.

About two months ago, we had a similar experience. Nasko brought his iPad to me and showed me these pictures:




I believe this was a Christmas celebration when Nasko was four. In the first photo, he is wearing a gray sweater with a collar and is holding his elbows up in the air. On the table, between the oranges and pears, there is a large "cake". It is next to the picture of Mary holding baby Jesus in the first photo. Nasko has been asking me to make this, but he cannot tell me what it is. He HAS told me that it is not a cake or giant cookie though. But, as you can imagine, that has left me without much to type into Google!

I know that many of my blog readers have adopted from Bulgaria. I also know that a few of you have adopted older children from there. Maybe you can help a Mama out?! I'd love to make this "cake" for him, but I need to know what it is.

Also, I'd love to know the Bulgarian word for Cold Cucumber Soup because that may be the word Nasko was using earlier!

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer. Oh, and my son's belly thanks you too!

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