Third Trimester

Third Trimester Week 26


Day One

Today, I literally got stuck in my garage. Between my belly, an open van door, and all the junk we own, I got stuck for a minute. I had to really suck in my belly in order to get out of this predicament.

Later, I complained to the Reverend (because guess whose accumulated junk caused me to get stuck).

He said to me, "Well, you lived to tell the tale and aren't stuck anymore. I think we're good!"

I proceeded to make a list of the items that needed removed from the garage.

Day Two

Sometimes, for the sake of variety, I want to wear a non-maternity shirt that I remember being a little big.

So, therefore, I assume it will fit.

Sometimes, I look at a shirt partway through my day, raise my right hand and say, "I solemnly swear that I will never expose the public to this torture again."

Then, the shirt gets tucked away for after the baby arrives.

Week 27


Week 28


Week 29


Day Four

Today I tried to record my belly moving as Chance is in Africa and missing all the movement.

The stinker appears to be camera-shy, as he stops moving every time I hit "record."


Week 30

IMG_1047 Day 3

Today has not been a good day to be pregnant. I had my first round of Braxton Hicks contractions. My back is killing me. I was SUPER moody and irritable this morning. My hips started hurting while cooking supper, I could hardly stand up.

Since I've had a relatively easy and painless pregnancy thus far, today has been rough. Praying for an easier tomorrow!

Week 31

IMG_1082 IMG_1081 Week 32

IMG_1123 Day Four

Why on earth do I drop stuff to the floor? Then I just have to bend over and get it later...

Week 33

IMG_1138 Day Two

After looking at the end-of-school schedule and the summer school schedule for Nasko, I have declared that this baby should come no later than June 1st.

That's how you get the baby to come out, yes? Just declare the date?l

Day Three

We had a doctor's appointment today. My blood pressure was perfect, his heartbeat was on target with 130 bpm and I was measuring 33 centimeters. The nurse even said my weight-gain was perfect!

During the exam, I leaned over to grab something from my purse on the floor. I was thisclose to falling off the exam table.

My doctor already thinks that my desire for an unmedicated birth is slightly crazy. Now, she realizes how uncoordinated I am. This is going to be fun!

Day 7

Pretty sure we committed a sin within our marriage.

Last night, Chance and I switched sides of the bed.


We switched because of the placement of the cradle. I almost fell out of bed once and I got slightly confused en route to the bathroom once.

I'm not sure I can handle this...

Week 34

IMG_1299 Day Seven

This poor baby... Today, Nasko was popping some big packing bubbles from a box we received in the mail. I knew he was preparing to pop these, and I knew they were rather loud. The poor baby... He did NOT know his brother was preparing to pop large packing bubbles and when Nasko did the first one, the baby JUMPED a mile high. Again, the poor baby... He's got no idea what he's in for...

Week 35

IMG_1220 Day Two

I have conquered Charlie Horses!! It's been a long eight months, but I can now feel them coming on, and know how to move my legs to stop them. It's the little things, really.

Day Three

We had an OB appointment today. The baby is head-down! Woot, woot! Also, that lump by my ribs, is the baby's butt. Good to know...

We also learned that we've hit a MAJOR milestone! The baby can come at any time, and the doctor will not attempt to stop contractions. At this point in the pregnancy, the baby should be big and healthy enough to be delivered and then discharged from the hospital at the same time I would be!

Week 36


Day Two

OB appointment: 1 cm dilated 60% effaced

Tonight, I started early labor contractions. They aren't painful, and they occur mostly when I'm chasing Nasko or climbing stairs.

I'm pretty excited that it seems things might be moving along.

Week 37


Day 3

(almost) 2 cm dilated 80% effaced Cervix - soft Dr. Beal was concerned he was breech because she couldn't find his head just by pushing on my stomach. She realized he was really low and had probably moved down last Thursday while I was having Braxton Hicks! Her vote is that the baby makes his appearance tomorrow. She wants to be the one to deliver him! Dr. Beal doesn't honestly think we'll make it through the weekend without having this baby!

Week 38

IMG_1326 Day 2

We're still here. Just kidding on that whole "not making it through the weekend." No change in dilation or effacement.  Still having early labor contractions.

I did have some issues with the swelling in my ankles and feet. Because of this,  my doctor ordered labs and tests to check for pre-eclampsia. Also, she sent me home with a beautiful orange bucket. It is for collecting 24 hours worth of urine. We have to store it in our fridge, which is proving difficult since we stocked up on groceries yesterday...


Day 3

While making breakfast, I noticed Nasko eyeing the orange bucket in our fridge. I quickly informed him that it was not filled with orange juice.

The labs and tests came back just fine! My blood pressure was a bit higher than my normal, but still within the average for everyone else.

It's probably high because of the number of people who keep telling me we're going to have this baby soon, and then nothing happens!!!

Week 39

IMG_1353 Day 2 Still no changes at the doctor's office.

The doctor poked and prodded a bit, in hopes to move things along, but we shall see...

Day 4

Nuttin'.  Big fat nuttin'


Week 40


Father's Day

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