The Nursery


This baby boy is coming soon (we hope!) so I thought I'd upload a few pictures of the room we plan to bring him home to.

The room is decorated based on the popular children's book, The Very Hungry Caterpillar. I have loved this book, and its author, since I was a child. Nasko has also developed a love of this book; he likes to quote, "He was STILL hungry!"

Here's a virtual tour of the nursery (you are all invited over to see it in real-life, if you want. Ok, not YOU, creepy internet stalkers...):

We bought vinyl wall-clings to decorate the room and the door.IMG_1193


Come on in!

This shelf already has quite a few toys! Many of my toys that were previously used for work have been reorganized and moved into the nursery. (Another perk of quitting my job, I suppose!)IMG_1194

The blanket box contains some very beautiful homemade blankets and quilts which we are anxious to use! IMG_1197

My mom made this box cover (in addition to the crib bumpers, crib skirt, and pillows). Our dog, Allen, loves to lay on it and look out the window. For this reason, the cover is easily washable! IMG_1198

This wall has the crib on it! We'll begin by using a family cradle (probably slept in by my great-grandfather Kincaid) in our bedroom, but eventually our baby boy will sleep in this crib.IMG_1201 IMG_1202

This rocking chair is also a family heirloom. It originally belonged to my great-grandma Graham. It is possible that it was used to rock my grandmother as a child. When I was a baby, it was used by my mom and dad to rock me to sleep. Chance and I are excited to rock our baby to sleep in it as well!

The stuffed bear on the rocking chair is Chance and I's gift to our baby boy. You may remember that I stressed out over buying Nasko a stuffed GUND bear when he came home last year. Nasko has played with his bear, Philbin, and grown somewhat attached to it. We're planning to buy a GUND bear for each of our children – whether they join our family through biological means or through adoption.

This bear came from the GUND company with the name of Dijon, but because of my knowledge of speech development (the "J" sound is difficult for small children/delayed children to produce) we renamed him Dion! So world, meet Dion! IMG_1209

The final wall has the closet and dresser/changing table. The Reverend refinished this dresser and mirror about five years ago. The dresser was originally used in a dorm room at Blackburn College. Chance had to piece together two matching dressers to finish it. Nasko has one in his room as well.IMG_1204

This wall also has this cool thing... A bean bag filled with our stuffed animals! Pretty excited about this storage solution. I'm sure it'll thrill our baby too. He's bound to inherit Chance and I's OCD tendencies, right?IMG_1205

Here's a peek into the dresser drawers:

We have a good collection of cute "fluff" (otherwise known as cloth diapers) ready to go. I'm sure they won't seem so cute once they've been used!IMG_1207

We also have two FULL drawers of clothes that should take us from newborn to three months of age! We have so many clothes. I hope he has time to wear them all before growing out of them!IMG_1208

Now that we have our nursery decorated and ready, we fully expect our son to make a dramatically late entrance into this world! He is the Reverend's son, after all! He's bound to be ornery and unpredictable...


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