Nasko's Piano Recital

My son is a musical genius.  His talents were demonstrated at a piano recital in Springfield yesterday. Ok, so he actually just plunked out a few notes that will someday become Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, but as the parent, I'm allowed to exaggerate his abilities, right?

He's a musical genius.

Oh, and you have to see him bow.  Bowing is his FAVORITE part of his weekly piano lessons.  It's pretty amazing.

When he bowed at recital, he became thrilled by the fact that everyone was clapping for him!  He actually joined in and clapped for himself!

We enrolled Nasko in the Latta Suzuki School of Music during the last week of February.  Our worship minister suggested trying Nasko on the Suzuki method, as it is based on listening to rhythms, sounds, and tones, rather than reading music.

Nasko has impeccable rhythm, and we thought this experience would be good for him.

The Reverend and I have NO rhythm, so we had to seek outside help...

When I first met his instructor (you'll see her sweet self in the video) I panicked.  Nasko has a waaaay with older ladies.  He learned to manipulate them in the orphanage, and he continues to use these skills daily.

For example, a month ago when Nasko's preschool class went to an assisted living center to sing some songs for the residents, Nasko hung around at the back of the line as all the classes were lining up to leave the building.  Just as it was his turn to exit and board the bus, he went running back to one of the sweet, older ladies, grabbed her hand, and laid a huge kiss on it.  Then he ran back to line like nothing ever happened.

Of course the entire room of residents swooned...

Another example is from church; Nasko literally does not know the names of the other children in his Sunday School class, but he seeks out Cec, Bonnie, Carol, Linda, Roberta, Shirley, and Mary every week.  He sees them, hugs them, and greets each one of them by name.

So you can imagine my fears when I saw that Ms. Bonnie Latta was a sweet, older lady; I thought our money and time would be wasted.

Thankfully, I was wrong!

Mrs. Latta has worked with multiple special needs kids and while she is very sweet, she is determined to make Nasko listen.  He really respects her and mostly does what she asks! You know, as much as Nasko does what anyone asks...


So, without further ado, here is my musical genius performing "Pre-Twinkle":



The musical talent got progressively better, but I dare say it did not get much cuter!


We're excited to see what God does with Nasko's rhythmic abilities and maybe even someday, hear the entire tune of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star...

Until then, did you see that bow?!


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