Nasko's Art 2012-2013

Nasko's final year of preschool is officially over! Yesterday, his teacher sent home quite a few pictures and pieces of artwork that had been collected over the year.  I had also saved some art projects as they were sent home, so I have had a good time scanning the best ones and seeing how far Nasko has come in this area.

Since these masterpieces were already scanned into the computer, I thought, "I may as well share them with the world!"

So here's a bit of Nasko's artwork from the 2012-2013 school year:



Multi-media Collagecollage


Giraffe (This is my favorite drawing to-date.  It's from a couple weeks ago, before we went to the Bloomington Zoo for his class field trip.  If you look at the yellow crayon marks, you can see distinct legs, body, and long neck!  The brown and black crayon marks seem to be the giraffe's spots.  The sad thing is, there were no giraffes at the Bloomington Zoo!)giraffe

Palm Penguinhandprint penguin

Expressive Paintingpainting

Handprint Penguins (These cuties were made using the pinkie side of Nasko's hand.)penguins

Rainbow Fishrainbow fish

Self-Portrait (This is drawn on a thin piece of mirror.  Look closely for Nasko's head, eyes, and ears in brown.  The black is his hair and the pink is his mouth.)self-portrait

Handprint Turkey (He drew the eye, the wattle, and the legs.)turkey

Nasko has come so far in being able to represent real-life in the form of art.  As someone who loves creativity and art, this Mama is proud!

Before Nasko came home, we prided ourselves on having a very clean refrigerator.  It was un-cluttered and always orderly.

Now, it is an art gallery, a play area, and an organization station... and we'd have it no other way!IMG_1213

Finally, here are Nasko's first-day and last-day pictures from this school year.

IMG_0826photo 2

(He looks miserable in his last-day photo because he was!  It was "beach day" but the temperature topped out at 65°.  When I told Nasko he had to wear his swimming suit, he kept saying, "No Mama!  Too cold!"  He ended up wearing sweat pants over his trunks to beach day!)

Third Trimester

The Nursery