Baby Shower


On April 21st, our church family threw us a baby shower.  In case you were one of the few people NOT in attendance (we were blown away by how many of you came to love and support us!), I thought I'd share some pictures of the event.

[Thanks to my dad for taking the photos - it gave him something productive to do during the shower, I think!]

Scanned Image 2The photo on the invitation is actually our family's new directory photo.  At the time it was taken, we knew we were pregnant, but we weren't telling anyone yet!  So even the baby was pictured on the invite!  ;-)



The gift tables!



After the shower began, Lorna shared a short devotion on parenting.IMGP5656



Now, Lorna's devotional was lovely, but it was no match for the spread of cakes!IMGP5658The cakes in the foreground were gluten-free.  Yup, my church family loves me (and the hungry baby inside of me!)

IMGP5652The gym was full of friends and family.  About half of the group was from our church, but the other half in attendance were people from previous ministries, members of our families, and friends (roommate from college, clients, etc.)  We are SO blessed to be supported and loved by these beautiful people!

IMGP5663While opening gifts, the Reverend offered commentary.  Considering he is still learning what some of the "tools" are for raising infants (breast pads come to mind...), his commentary was often comical! IMGP5666There were so many gifts, that we double-timed it as we opened presents... much to the alarm of my best friend Sarah who was recording the gifts and their givers!  At one point, Nasko even had some big-brother gifts to open... Three gifts at one time was a bit crazy!

Sarah did her best, but if you receive a thank you from me that thanks you for something you didn't buy, just smile and nod... We meant well and we are thankful!IMGP5667After we finished opening presents, both Chance and I took a few moments to express our gratitude.  We are SO thankful, not just for the itty-bitty cutie wittle blue socks we received, but also for the prayers that have covered our sweet little boy since before we even knew he existed.

IMGP5669This is the table of opened presents!  How can something so little require so much stuff?!

IMGP5668My grandma was so thankful that she was feeling well enough to join the party that day.  Our baby boy has been quite the motivator for her to remain strong and healthy.

I think she mostly wants to know if his appearances will favor her side of the family...

Scanned Image


[Photo credit: Nancy Dixon]

We had a GREAT day and a WONDERFUL shower.  Thanks to all who helped organize it.  Thanks to all who attended it.  And thanks to all who sent gifts despite being unable to attend it.

We love you - each and every one of you!


Now, if you'd all just come over and help open, organize, sort, and launder the gifts...



Now What?