Keeping it Elevated

Tonight was my first time really leaving the house (other than a few errands) since we found out I don't have any blood clots. On Wednesday, I ended up in Prompt Care and eventually Radiology because of my abnormally swollen left calf, ankle and foot. A Doppler (ultrasound) determined that I was free of clots and probably was just a dummy-head for over-doing life and walking too much in Chicago.

Ok, the ultrasound didn't quite show ALL of that...

The doctor did suggest I try to rest a bit (despite the fact that I had Nasko with me in the appointment — did she realize how ridiculous she was?!) and elevate my foot as much as possible.

Chance took it upon himself to secretly conspire with my mother and have her practically move in with us for a week. He didn't even tell me that she was coming until she was thirty minutes from our house!

My mother supported Chance's demands that I sit on the couch with my ankle elevated for three days straight. Despite the fact that the doctor did not require a restricted bedrest, my mother and husband did.

And it doesn't seem to matter how old I get, when my mother uses her I-mean-business tone, I typically do what she says.


My swelling was practically nonexistent yesterday, so I determined that I had been miraculously healed. This was perfect timing since In His Hands Orphan Outreach was hosting their annual fundraising banquet tonight, and I wasn't about to miss that.

As I got ready for the evening out, I donned my favorite resale-shop find to date — a pair of brown boots with a slight heel.

My mother took one look at the heel and (in her no-nonsense voice) said, "What do you think you are doing wearing those?!"

What followed was the response of a normally very active woman who has just been stuck on the couch for four days straight and who wants nothing more out of life than to look cute with a slight heel — "I'm wearing these so I can keep my ankle elevated, Mom! Just like you and Chance have asked me to do..."

I'm the best patient ever...

By the way, my ankle swelled tonight and I'm guessing it's back to the couch for me again tomorrow. It was nice knowing you all...


Chicago Getaway