As of today, I am officially a quitter. I quit my job.

For real.  Threw in the towel; I'm done!

The Reverend and I began discussing this possibility about three weeks ago.  I have worked as a Developmental Therapist for the State of IL Early Intervention program since January of 2009.  I was contracted through the state as a Developmental Therapist who worked with children ages 0-3 with delays (ex. physical, cognitive, speech, behavioral, etc.)

But not anymore!

Now, I am a full-time stay-at-home-mom!

I have been stressed, overwhelmed, and stretched too thin.  Too many things at home were falling through the cracks because I had too much on my plate.  (You know, just little things like paying the bills.  I was making the money to pay them, but hardly had time to write the checks and balance our budget!)

Also, I felt like Nasko's delays had been neglected recently as I had started seeing more clients.

A couple weeks ago, I said to Chance, "I work hard to plan and execute educational activities with children who have special needs, but I feel as though I don't have the time necessary for planning and executing similar activities with our own special needs child."

So, watch out, Nasko.  Mama's got lots for you to do this summer...

I absolutely LOVED my job.  I got paid (well) to play with babies - I mean, who wouldn't love that?  I loved meeting new families and helping them do what is best for their children.  I LOVED seeing children progress to the point of not even requiring services when they started preschool at age 3.  I loved being a support system for parents (even when families would text me at 11:00 p.m. or 5:30 a.m.!) as I know that special needs parenting is very, very hard.

But now, I have my own child.  And another one is coming SOON!

At this time, it is best if I stay home and raise these two boys in a God-honoring way, to the best of my ability.  They need me.  There is no substitute for a child's mama.  (Although, Chance tried.  He asked if he could be a stay-at-home dad.  I told him I'd allow it as soon as he learned to breastfeed.  Until then...)

And since I won't be doing required report-writing anymore... I'll possibly have more time to blog.  Luckily for all of you.

Actually, scratch that... I mentioned I would be breastfeeding, right?  I doubt I'll have much free time...


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