28 Birthday Blessings

Here are twenty-eight birthday blessings for my twenty-eighth birthday today: 1. All three of my boys (Nasko, dog Allen, and unnamed baby) let me sleep through the whole night. Nasko didn't wake up until 6:45!

2. Nasko has been battling diarrhea for a week. He woke me up by entering my room, stark naked, holding a pair of his underwear. I met him in my bathroom (before putting on my glasses - so virtually blind) and took the pants from him. A minute later, without warning, I stepped on something. Again, I did not have my glasses on yet, so I had to bend over to see exactly what I had stepped in. Let's just say that Nasko's underwear was (apparently) not empty when he handed it to me, but it was empty when I stepped on something... Blessings come in all shapes and sizes... Yes?  [Many of these "blessings" include photos.  This one does not.  That's YOUR blessing today, on my birthday.  You're welcome.]

3. As I was wandering through the house to put the underwear into my laundry room, my phone rang. Good ol' Ron Canterbury called with my yearly birthday greeting! He calls tons of birthday people in church everyday - whether he knows them or not. It's one of his ministries. He had threatened to call me at 4:30 am, but I told him it was a blessing to not hear his voice until almost 7:00 am.

4. I used a gluten-free biscuit mix my mom made in order to cook my birthday breakfast.  An additional blessing was the homemade strawberry jam I happened to thaw out this week.


5. Chance has been in Africa for almost two weeks, but before leaving, he recorded daily videos for Nasko and I to watch here at home.  For today, he recorded two extra videos in honor of my birthday.  In one of them, Chance encouraged Nasko to sing Happy Birthday with him.  So, I was technically sung to by both of my boys today - even if one of the boys recorded it a few weeks ago!


6. The next video reminded Nasko of a card he had made for me before Chance left.  The video also detailed where the card was hidden.  This was the card:

IMG_1002 IMG_1003

7. The video also told of a chocolate dessert that would be arriving soon.  Sure enough!  My best friend Sarah made (per Chance's instructions and recipe) Chocolate-Covered Strawberry Cupcakes.IMG_1054

Oh my gosh, they are SO good.  I may have eaten two within minutes of receiving them.


I may need to go eat another.

8. Chance called briefly this morning and had the kids at Children's Redemption Orphanage Home in Sierra Leone sing three verses of "Happy Birthday" in Krio!  I wish I could have recorded it.  It was beautiful!


9. Nasko and I had NO plans this morning.  After a pretty busy two weeks (I keep him busy in order to maintain my sanity as a temporary single-parent), it was nice to just be home.  I felt like doing a "project" so I pulled out our already-hard-boiled eggs and made some homemade dye.  IMG_1040



He really enjoyed dying the eggs, and no glasses were broken in the process.  I'd count the project a success and a blessing!

10. I have a wonderful son to spend time with on my birthday.  He is a blessing everyday.


11. That son, Nasko, has made great progress in speech since one year ago.

Here's a comparison of last year's video with this year's.

March 22, 2012

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fN4Yo72Eh7E&w=560&h=315]

March 22, 2013

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gt78Dhl7Ncg&w=560&h=315]

12. I'm an adult, so sometimes I get to pick out my own birthday presents.  That's a blessing!  This year, I told my parents I needed a camera case for the camera I bought myself last year for my birthday.  They gave me a check, and I bought it for myself on Amazon!


13. I got to speak to Chance again this afternoon.  He wished me a happy birthday and updated me on the team and the orphanage.

14. While on the phone with Chance in Africa, I also got to speak with Rick Miller (the in-country missionary).

15. And I got to speak with Edwin Moses - a native of Sierra Leone.

16. Nasko had a good day at school and came home with a green light!  Only one day this week did he have a yellow light; that's excellent for him!


17. My best friend Sarah took me out for a fun birthday evening!  The past few years, Chance has either had a meeting on my birthday, or he's been gone for work.  It's become a tradition for Sarah and I to spend my birthday together!


18. Sarah took me to Applebee's tonight.   The food was very yummy!IMG_1075

19. Sarah suggested a relaxing, funny movie for our after-dinner plans, but I had things that needed to be done!  I needed to register for our baby.  The church is throwing a shower, and they're wanting to start advertising, so I needed to get registered in a hurry.  So I dragged Sarah to one of the biggest blessings in my life - Target! [The registry is here.]IMG_1068

20. We also went to Babies R Us.  [The registry is here.]

IMG_1069[I did not actually register for those blue baskets.  Don't buy me those please.]

21. Another blessing was going to Carter's because they were having a big sale (everything in the store was half off)!  I purchased the "home from the hospital" outfit.  I was also able to find outfits for Nasko and the baby to wear, so that they can match.  Cuz that will be super cute.  And adorable.  And sweet.  Until they spill something on them...


22. Coldstone Cremery.  Ice cream.  Deliciousness.  Coldstone is always a blessing!  Even when it isn't your birthday.  The lovely ladies working there tonight even sang me a cute birthday song.  ["Hi" to the gal at Coldstone who asked me for my blog address!]IMG_1071


23. The baby and all his flips and kicks.  Feeling him move is always a blessing, and he has certainly made himself known tonight (especially after eating all that ice cream!)

24. I received Facebook birthday blessings from at least 123 of you!  It was fun reading those all day.

Screen shot 2013-03-22 at 11.19.01 PM

25.  I'm very blessed by my parents.  Not only because they gave me the gift of life one year and a camera case a few [ahem] years later, but also because they watched my monster this evening!

Screen shot 2013-03-22 at 11.56.26 PM

26. In addition to keeping my child alive (that's all I ask of babysitters for Nasko) my dad fixed one of our doors and our broken toilet.

27.  No longer having a broken toilet is certainly a blessing.  [See blessing number 2!]

28. My twenty-eighth blessing is another year of life.  I know that tomorrow is not guaranteed, but I am so blessed that God has given me another year on this earth with my sweet little family and my precious friends!  I was so blessed by all the messages, cards, texts, and phone calls received today.

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