Valentine's Day Fundraiser for Adoption... NOT US!

Today I've got a request. We need help raising money for an adoption.  (Not for us...)

There are two sweet, beautiful little girls living in Africa who need help coming home.  (Not to ours...)

(And the whole world let out a collective sigh of relief as the Newinghams currently have their hands FULL!)

This blog post is actually being written in order to help our friends Tony and Emily.

searched the world for you

Chance and I met Tony while we were attending college at Lincoln Christian University.  Tony (like the Reverend) was a Holer (please don't let that fact change your view of either of them...) Tony and Emily, who still live in central IL, are currently in the process of adopting a two-year-old and an eight-year-old from a country in Eastern Africa.


Crazily enough, they began specifically pursuing the two-year-old last September, but within a couple of months, they learned that she had an eight-year-old sister.  Not wanting to split apart family members (and feeling the shoving nudging of the Father of the fatherless), Tony and Emily decided to open their home and their hearts to both of these children.

Dear friends (especially those who haven't adopted), adopting one child is expensive.

Dear friends, adopting two children is very expensive.

A month ago, when Emily was searching for bloggers to help her fundraise to get these two lovelies home – I was eager to help!

And by help, I meant beg-all-my-friends-and-family-and-other-blog-readers-to-donate-to-a-life-changing-cause.

So, that's what I am doing right now.


Here's the deal: Tony and Emily have to travel to Eastern Africa soon to be with the girls.  They will stay in-country for around a month before the adoption is finalized, and then they will travel home as a family.

A month.  In a different country.  With these new girls who look nothing like them, but are all of a sudden their daughters.


Love, y'all.

It's love.

And in honor of the month of love (yes guys, it's February.  Valentine's Day is in 14 days.  Yes, you still have time to order your girlfriends/wives something special from the "handmade" and "valentine" section of etsy.  You're welcome for that link...) Tony and Emily are hosting a "Love Makes a Family" fundraiser.

emily & tony valentine's fundraiser flyer (draft #2)

They are asking friends, family, and other people who just want to see the fatherless placed into families, to donate a $14 Valentine's gift to be used towards their travel expenses.

Because, y'all, the love of orphans is not exclusive to parents.  It's a call placed on all of our lives.

Psalm 82:3 - Defend the weak and the fatherless; uphold the cause of the poor and the oppressed.

To donate, please click on the following button to be taken straight to Tony and Emily's safe and secure donation page.

emily & tony valentine's fundraiser flyer (draft #2)

And after donating, please say some prayers and read more of their story.  Tony and Emily are making some life-changing moves and documenting them here on their blog, Making Moves.

Happy Valentine's Day!