Second Trimester

Second Trimester Week 16

Day One

The OBGYN checked our baby's heart rate today. She had a difficult time getting the baby to hold still. She asked if we were ready for such an active baby.

My response: "Dear sweet Jesus. We already have a Nasko. Have mercy on us..."

Today was the second time I felt the baby move. It was like the baby knocked on my belly three times.

Chance always harasses me when I pat his back three times while hugging. He says it's like I am saying "We're just friends". One word per pat.

Chance is pretty sure the baby was letting me know "we're just friends."


Day 3

I heard a rumor that Mel-o-cream's cake doughnuts were considered gluten-free because their recipe calls for potato flour as opposed to wheat flour.

So what's a pregnant, gluten-free mama to do on a morning when she's craving doughnuts?! Why call the Mel-o-cream headquarters as SOON as they open, of course.

Mel-o-cream's official statement is "Mel-o-cream is not producing any gluten-free doughnuts at this time."

"At this time", y'all. There's hope.

Doesn't help today's craving though. I guess I'll go eat some celery and pretend it's deep fried and covered in glaze.

Annnnnd now I'm nauseous.

Week 17


Day Two

It's Christmas and I have a pain in my butt.


And it huuuuurts.

I started doing some research (aka googling) and learned that it's probably my piriformis muscle.

Giving the muscle a name gave me something specific to curse and I instantly felt better.

Ok, just kidding.

While reading about the muscle though, one suggestion was to put the painful butt cheek on a pillow while seated. We were in the car when I was conducting my research, so I looked around for an object to sit on.

The closest thing was Nasko's stuffed chicken.


I spent the next hour sitting on a stuffed chicken.

It actually helped some! When I told Chance, he suggested I market it as a "natural healing approach."

So, dear friends, a pain in the butt can be cured by sitting on a chicken.

Day Five

Today, I got nervous.

I think I am still feeling the baby move, but it isn't very pronounced.

I think I am still feeling pregnant, but I sure am feeling better and less nauseous.

Most women rejoice in this stage of their pregnancy.

I freak out.

I'm trying to rely on God and his protection.

Day Seven

We have decided on baby names! In two weeks, we will be (hopefully) finding out the gender of our baby, so we figured we had better make some decisions about names.

If we didn't have Nasko, we'd honestly skip learning the gender and just be surprised, but we feel like the baby is going to bring MAJOR life-change to Nasko, and we should prepare him the best we can. For this reason, we want to know the gender and establish a name for our baby.

Without further ado, here are the names we have chosen:

Girl: Evelyn Ann

Boy: [name withdrawn because we changed our mind] Kennedy

Week 18

Day Two

Happy New Year! Chance and I rang in the New Year by taking my parents up on the offer to watch our monster for the evening. We headed to Red Lobster and the movies. Our craziest part of the evening was when we threw caution to the wind and both ordered desserts.

This morning, our baby did not get the memo that all the New Year's parties are over - s/he is doing constant flips and turns! This is very reassuring, but funny. Of course our baby would be late to the party!

Since the baby was moving quite a bit, I laid in bed next to Chance and put his hand on my belly. I kept saying, "Did you feel that?!" Of course, Chance couldn't feel it.

After a few minutes, the Reverend said, "DID YOU FEEL THAT?!"

I said, "No! Did you feel it move?! That's so awesome! Oh my gosh. So cool."

Chance said, "No. Did you feel that? My cell phone just vibrated. So cool!"



Day Seven I was researching pregnancy body pillows when I came across this gem:

Screen shot 2013-02-24 at 9.13.57 PM

This baby was obviously conceived out of wedlock. Want to know how I know? No self-respecting husband would let his wife bring that thing to his bed.

Needless to say, I bought two. Maybe the Reverend will take the stinky dog and move to the couch...

Week Nineteen

Day Two

The baby has started kicking and punching. In fact, s/he is doing it hard enough that Chance was able to feel it last night.

Today, I sent the Reverend the following text:

"The baby has started punching and kicking - hard.  Your turn to be pregnant!"

He had the audacity to respond with "haha".


Day Six

Who the heck put "fresh-baked cookie" air fresheners in all the bathrooms at church?! Now all I want is a cookie.......

Week 20

Day One

It's a boy!!!


Day Three

I had to break up my first fight today.

While waiting for Chance at the dentist's office, I was holding Nasko on my lap. He leaned back and rested against my belly. As soon as he did so, our baby boy gave him a swift kick in the back.

I put the baby in time out. We don't kick our brother...


Week 21


Day Four

My husband just said to me (as I was mixing up cookie dough) "Just because you have a craving doesn't mean you have to fulfill it."



Week 22


Day Four

I'm feeling rather pregnant today. I learned that I stretched or tore some ligaments at the bottom of my abdomen. It hurts to walk, laugh, bend and breathe. When I'm lie down to rest, I cause myself to have heartburn.

Oh pregnancy.

Thankfully, I never tire of feeling my baby boy move. It's all worth it - pain, heartburn, and all!

Oh, and I rested a bowl of chips on my baby bump today. Having a "shelf" to keep my food closer to my mouth also makes it all worth it...


Week 23

Day One

Pregnancy is... Making a huge pan of fried rice at 3:30 pm because it sounds amazing. And it's gluten-free. And it can be made with accessible ingredients during Nasko's nap. In other words, pregnancy is... Delicious.


Week 24


Week 25


Day Three

Tonight a church member told me that I look like a million bucks.

I had to laugh because this afternoon (in 20 degree weather) I was driving around with my windows down, sweating, and crying like a hormonal maniac.

If this is what a million bucks looks like...

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