Happy Valentine's Day!

We've had a great Valentine's Day, and I thought I'd share our day through pictures! We started the morning with heart-shaped (gluten-free) pancakes.   IMG_0657

I must admit, I didn't start taking pictures until I had practically perfected the art; the early designs were less than heart-shaped...IMG_0659


I aslo spent a bit of time reading the novel of an instruction manual that came with the watch my brother and sister-in-law bought me for Christmas.  It's pink, and I thought it would make a great addition to my outfit today.  Also, it's been sitting on my bathroom counter since Christmas.  It was time, dear friends.  It was time.   IMG_0661

Nasko has recently taken an interest in crafts and other learning activities. Today, I pulled out my Valentine's Day file from when I taught preschool, and we got busy!

We made Hershey's Kisses to hang on the windows by wrapping aluminum foil around card stock shaped like kisses.   IMG_0662


Then I bent and folded a toilet paper tube to make the shape of a heart.  We mixed the red and white paint we had on-hand to make pink.  Nasko then "tap-tapped" the toilet paper roll into the paint and made prints on paper.   IMG_0675




He really enjoyed this project, so we made multiple pages of prints!  We also finished up the paint by painting the card stock with a brush.  After that paint dried, I cut hearts out of it.  IMG_0672

In my preschool teaching file, I found some Valentine window clings.  Nasko was very excited to hang them on our front door for Taty to see when he gets home.   IMG_0676

Just so you don't think I was slave-driving Nasko until he got on the school bus at 12:00, I included a picture of him playing with his buses and trains (his favorite thing to do right now!)IMG_0680

Finally, we made chocolate-scented play-doh (recipe here).

I had saved a Russell Stovers box from Christmas for just this occasion, so we mixed up the play-doh and then rolled chocolates for the candy box.  IMG_0685

Nasko enjoyed this activity and worked hard until every spot was filled.  IMG_0686

See?  I told you he was excited!IMG_0687 IMG_0689

This activity was great for practicing the shapes oval, rectangle, square, and circle.  Nasko liked finding each of the shapes on the box lid.   IMG_0692

Finally, it was time for school and Nasko's Valentine's Day party!  Nasko and I spent this week making his Valentine's Day cards for his friends.  Since they were completely homemade, I was thankful that we only had to make ten!  Nasko has three other children in his class.  He also has three teachers, two specialists (OT and SLP) and one aide from last year (he specifically requested we make her a card and deliver it to her after school today.) IMG_0649 IMG_0652IMG_0681 IMG_0682

The hearts on the cards were made using shaving cream and paint.  Nasko had a lot of fun with that process.  He liked swirling the paint with a toothpick and smooshing the card stock into the cream.  I forgot to take any pictures of the process, but this website details how to make the marbled painting effect.

Now, you might be wondering what the Reverend was off doing during all this!  Me too as there were lots of dishes after making homemade pancakes and chocolate play-doh...

Chance was (of course) working, but part-way through the day, he left... See if you can tell why by looking at his before and after photos:



No, it's not adding a jacket (he is always cold at work).  There is another difference...  Look again... I'll wait!

Chance got BRACES!  He joined millions of teenagers worldwide in the quest for straighter teeth.  We're very excited!  Happy Valentine's Day to him... except that he can't eat candy or other sugary stuff... this actually may not have been a good day to get braces.

The Newinghams would like to wish you all a very happy day of love this year.  IMG_0654

All of us.  Even Baby Newingham as we got to peek in on him yesterday!

Happy Valentine's Day!

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