ER Visit Número Dos

We are currently at St. John's hospital with Nasko. This morning, we discovered Nasko with his Tourette's medicine (I haven't written much about his diagnosis on the blog yet - I promise I'll get there!) in his room "playing doctor." He had taken the medicine from my purse at 7:00 am, gotten past the child-lock (of course he did!) and moved the meds to a different container. After counting the prescription, we believed we had the proper number of pills left and were not concerned (although he spent some serious time in time-out!) I then gave him this morning's normal dosage.

Nasko seemed like himself, but then during his bath, he was struggling to keep his eyes open. We had a big day yesterday, so I just assumed he was a little sleepy.

Nasko wanted me to "play night-night" with him at 8:50. He fell asleep two minutes later and slept until 11:00. Then, Nasko came in my room and got into my bed with me. He laid very still and was talking very slowly. He was there for another hour.

I asked him if he wanted to go to school, but he seemed more interested in staying home and taking another nap. At that point, I called our pediatrician.

Our nurse had us call poison control who then sent us to the ER. Poison control advised the ER doctors to monitor Nasko (heart rate and blood pressure) for 23 hours.

We've been admitted and are on the fifth floor (pediatric ICU) and will be spending the night.

The doctors aren't too concerned as the peak of the medicine should have taken place at 1:00.

The worst part was doing an IV and a blood draw once he was admitted. Nasko screamed for five minutes straight and then continued to cry for another twenty. He has just recently stopped crying every time a nurse walks in the door! They've all learned to say, "No shots. No ouch! No needles!" and show their empty hands as they come close to him.

Nasko is still very lethargic - he sat still on Taty's lap for over an hour. Now he's snuggling next to me in the bed. We recently ordered him some room service; he's going to love the hospital, as they have all his favorites - hot dog, macaroni and cheese, French fries and chocolate milk.

We plan to go home tomorrow after he is monitored for at least 46 episodes of Shaun the Sheep (that's how Nasko keeps time!)

Please be praying for our precious boy and join us in giving thanks that things are not nearly as bad as they could have been.

(Mama and Taty are ordering a locking medicine case during our time at the hospital, in case anyone was wondering!)

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