Top Ten of 2012

As 2012 comes to a close, I wanted to review my year of blogging with you, the reader.  This month marks my two-year anniversary of blogging.  I've been blessed to share our insanely crazy lives with all of you, and I've found it helpful to keep a searchable journal online.  Thanks for supporting us, praying for us, crying with us and laughing with us.  YOU are a valuable part of our lives and we love you ALL!  (All 34,000 of you who looked at the blog at least once this year.  That number is mind-boggling...) Since you are all waiting on the edge of your seats, I'll stop with the mushy-mush and get to the stats from the Moments Defined blog for 2012!

10. The good AND the bad.

This post details the good and the bad of our fourth day after Nasko came home. He made lots of progress in such a short amount of time after coming home.

9. Three days home...

Three days of Nasko being home was three days worth of pure exhaustion!

8. Talking in my Sleep

This post retells Nasko's first full day at home in March.  I still can't believe the number of activities we crammed into each day when he first came home.  He was SO busy.

7. Announcement!

The seventh most read post of the year was when we announced our pregnancy in November.  There will be LOTS more posts about this baby, especially when s/he is born in June.  Stay tuned!

6.  I am a Mom of a Child with Special Needs

This post STILL makes my blood boil as I remember how awful this eye doctor was to us and my son.  Every time Chance and I see commercials for the Gailey Eye Clinic, we gag and recall this horrible experience.  Thank goodness for the kind and compassionate doctor at St. Louis Children's Hospital.

5. The Emergency Room

This is a more recent post that tells of our first (and, so far, only) trip to the ER.  We've since met with a neurologist and have an MRI and an EEG scheduled for January.  Actually, Chance and I were going over our calendar for January and our family has five doctors appointments in nine days - not to mention a to-be-scheduled orthodontist's appointment for Chance (he's planning to get braces!)  Please continue praying for Nasko as we attempt to get to the bottom of his tics.

4. 10 of Nasko's Favorite Things

This post was written one week after Nasko had been home.  The funny thing is, many of his favorites have not changed much...  :–)

3. A Post by our Photographer

The third most-read post of this year owes complete credit to our friend Amy Denney.  She rearranged her schedule to stay in Chicago after Nasko's flight was delayed.  She helped to capture the most beautiful pictures ever.  She perfectly embodied the idea of an orphan finding love in his forever family.  Her love of our family and orphans everywhere is evident in her post.  Pardon me as I go grab a kleenex after watching her video again...

2. Things I've Never Said Until Today:

This post recalls the second full day of Nasko being home.  The funny thing is that I kept him with me in "grown up" church again this past Sunday (Christmas was a bit overstimulating).  I was reminiscing about how well-behaved Nasko was that first Sunday.  He was ALMOST as good this Sunday, but this time, it was because he knew what he was doing.  He wasn't so scared and tired - he knew the rules and was content to play quietly and snuggle.


The most-read post of 2012 (this comes as no shock, I am sure) was:

1. He's here... and he's home!

This recounts the day we picked Nasko up from the airport.  On this day alone, the blog had almost 1,000 views as so many people shared this monumental and life-changing day with us.  There are so many details I had forgotten - washing his hands in the urinal and telling me "night-night."  What a blessing this baby boy has been in our lives!  He truly has come SO far.  We are so proud of his progress and we are proud to be his mama and taty.


It was somewhat surprising to realize that nine of the ten top-posts were about Nasko, but then again, what else did I write about this year?!  What else did I DO this year?!  I hope and pray you've enjoyed this year as much as we have. I can't wait to see what God has in store for us in 2013!

In case you're interested in more of a blast from the past, here is the top ten list from last year: Top Ten of 2011


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