Team Pink or Team Blue?

Are you on Team Pink or Team Blue? Next Monday, January 14, we will (hopefully) learn the gender of our unborn baby!

I thought it would be fun to have all of you join in our predictions and tell us whether you think the baby will be a boy or a girl.

In order to help with your predictions, I will post some of the more famous (crazy?) wives tales and how I've reacted to them:


1. Heart Rate

- if the baby's heart rate is greater than 140 beats per minute - girl

- if the baby's heart rate is less than 140 beats per minute - boy

Our baby has always hovered around 160 or above.

Baby Newingham - GIRL


2. Belly

- if the mother's belly is high, big, and round - girl

- if the mother's belly is low, smaller, and sticks straight out - boy

I'm honestly not sure where I'm carrying, but I'm guessing low.


Baby Newingham - BOY


3.  Ring Test

You are supposed to hang your wedding ring on a string and swing it over your belly.

- if the ring moves back and forth - girl

- if the ring moves in a circle - boy

This seemed a little weird and kinda witch-crafty, so...

Newingham Baby - GENDER NEUTRAL (that's an option, right?)


4. Mayan Test

Using the age of the mother at conception and the year of conception add them together...

- if the number is even - girl

- if the number is odd - boy

I was (am) 27 and it was 2012.  The total is 2039.  The number is odd.

Baby Newingham - BOY


5. Acne

- if the mother suffers from acne while pregnant - girl

- if there is no acne or breakouts - boy

Considering I went to Prompt Care a few weeks ago (I thought I had a rash or shingles) and was told I suffered from hormonal acne...



Baby Newingham - GIRL


6. Cravings

- if the mother craves sweets - girl

- if the mother craves salty - boy

I took one sip of sweet tea yesterday and thought I was going to lose it... Throughout the whole pregnancy, I've wanted salty foods and hardly any sweets.

Baby Newingham - BOY


7. Side Sleeping

- if a woman sleeps mostly on her left side - boy

- if a woman sleeps mostly on her right side - girl

I sleep mostly on my left, but don't the pregnancy books encourage that?  Something about not blocking some artery?  (Pregnancy books... who am I kidding?  I don't really have time to read anymore, but I feel like this is something I remember hearing!)

Baby Newingham - BOY


8. Hands

When a pregnant woman is asked to show her hands...

- if she shows them palms up - girl

- if she shows them palms down - boy

This is weird, but I suppose I'd show mine palms down (probably goes back to nine years ago when people asked to see my engagement ring.)

Baby Newingham - BOY


9. Morning Sickness

- if it's a smooth pregnancy with no morning sickness - boy

- if the mother is sick and nauseous throughout the first trimester (HOW ABOUT BEYOND?!) - girl

Since I spent an hour with the toilet this week alone, I'd say...

Baby Newingham - GIRL


10. Baby Names

It is said that parents think of the correct name of of the baby before they know the gender.  This is interesting since my parents only had a boy's name picked out when my brother was born (back when dinosaurs roamed and doctors didn't use sonograms to predict gender).

We decided on our girl name the day of our twelve week sonogram, but we still waiver on the boy name.

Baby Newingham - GIRL


11.  Mother's Intuition

According to the wives and their tales, mothers are accurate in their predictions 71% of the time.  I have NO IDEA what we are having, but I'd love to have a girl (you have met the Reverend, Nasko, and the dog, right?  I need a girl on my team!!)

So, maybe...

Baby Newingham - GIRL



Team Blue - 5

Team Pink - 5

Gender Neutral (That's still an option, right?!) - 1

Thanks Old Wives... you've been nothing but helpful...


Now it's your turn.  What do you think?

We'd love to hear your comments on the blog or on Facebook (If you aren't my friend on Facebook, add me.  I apparently add anyone and spent the past month thinking I went to high school with one girl only to realize she goes to our church... Ahem, I'm the bestest Facebook friend there ever was.  Oh, and I obsessively post pictures of Nasko.  You wouldn't want to miss that...)

Are you Team Pink?  Or are you Team Blue?

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