Nasko is most obviously a pastor's kid. Poor kid has no hope as we adopted him as a PK and plan to transition him into a missionary's kid.

Nasko counts down the days until church every week.  He knows the sign language for communion, baptism, Bible, and church.  One of his first verbal words was "church."  Nasko has few four-syllable words,  but "sanctuary" is one of them.

At home, we are constantly rearranging our dining chairs and having "church."

But recently, Nasko has been "make church" out of his blocks and dollhouse furniture.  He is very methodical in his building process, and it has been neat to watch him use, reuse, and repurpose toys until he gets things exactly right.

There are many variations of the "sanctuary," but here is Nasko's most recent (and most complex).  This diagram will mean more to the people who attend our church, but I think that everyone will be interested to see how far Nasko's dramatic play skills have come!

ACC Sanctuary

Disclaimer: Diagram of the sanctuary is not to scale.

Full Disclaimer: I did help him with the idea using the bathtub as a baptismal and adding the sound booth.


This particular day, Nasko did not include his ipad in the sanctuary, but sometimes he plays worship music on it and sets it up so the congregation can see it (like the projector in the front of church!)



Like I said, the poor kid has no hope as he's starting as a PK and will soon transition into the role of an MK.  I foresee many more days of "playing church" in our home!

I guess there are worse things!

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