Gender Reveal

The moment you have all been waiting for has arrived... I shall now reveal the gender...


Phew... Good to get that back out into the open...

Actually, the exciting gender reveal of the day was that we are having a baby BOY!

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Watch out, world!  There will soon be another Newingham boy!  (I'm sorry, world.)

Scanned Image-3

Scanned Image-5

Actually, we are SUPER excited!  Baby boy looks very healthy and is measuring big!  When the technician began poking around for the baby, he was sleeping in a rather peculiar position.  He was snoozing with his arm across his face (like I do) and with his feet above his head (like I don't!)  He did wake up enough to move a bit, but went right back to sleep (like his dad does!)

Scanned Image-4 Scanned Image-6 Scanned Image Scanned Image-2

Nasko seemed a little bummed that he's not getting a sister (that was his vote), but I think he will be a great big brother to this new little man.

While at the "baby doctor" today, Nasko also became upset that he didn't get to have a turn laying on the bed and having the technician do a sonogram of "Nasko's baby!"  He kept lifting up his shirt and trying to push me out of the way!  First the child thought I was carrying the Savior of the World (at Christmastime) and now he thinks he is having a baby too.  This is going to be quite the wild ride!

We're excited for what our future holds (even if it is more wrestling, monster trucks, and bodily function noises...)


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