EEG (Done on God's Green Earth)

On Tuesday, Nasko had an EEG done. We received a letter in the mail asking us to keep him awake until midnight and wake him at four am.  We kept him up til 9:30 pm (an hour past bedtime) and let him sleep until 6:45 am.

We follow directions SO well.

The reason for sleep deprivation was to encourage Nasko to take a nap during the EEG test.  Chance and I know Nasko VERY well at this point, and there is no way on God's green earth that our son was going to take a little sleepy-by nap at the doctor's office with twenty-five electrodes connected to his soft black hair.

No way on God's green earth.

MRI sedation barely knocked him out for half an hour.  There's no way he was about to fall asleep willingly!

And since the neurology technicians weren't going to be spending the next six days with Nasko, we figured that we were allowed to make the executive decision to keep Nasko on a somewhat normal sleep schedule.

Thank you very much.

After the test, we were SO thankful we had made this decision; napping wasn't absolutely necessary for results.  (They don't say that in the letter!)

Nasko sat very still for an hour as the technician put "stickers" in his hair.  He was very nervous and asked every thirty seconds, "No shot?"

photo 1

We constantly reassured him that there were no needles in the office.  He shed many silent tears, but never actually cried through the entire procedure.

photo 2

The student technician said that Nasko was the best behaved child she had ever prepped for this test.

MY Nasko?!  Really?!

The actual test took around 45 minutes, and Nasko lay very still and quiet through the whole thing.  He honestly did the most talking when they asked him to try to fall asleep (did I mention that there is no way on God's green earth that he'd be falling asleep?!)  His Taty promised him cheese french fries from Steak N Shake after the procedure.  Nasko seemed to have food on the brain (think that will show up on the EEG?) as he talked about cheese fries for the entire test.

We meet with Nasko's pediatric neurologist next Tuesday and hope to receive the results from his MRI and his EEG.

Any of you who know Nasko well will not be surprised by this next bit of information, but after the EEG, Nasko wanted to recreate the test at home.  He and his Taty took turns being the doctor (Mama had too much hair for this game... shucks...)

photo 3

photo 4

Hoping to get the results from this EEG (using Cars stickers and yarn) soon too.

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