Nasko's Program

Today was the Christmas program for Nasko's PreK class. It was...



Nasko made it through three songs before (through a comedy of overstimulated errors) he poked himself in the eye and left the stage screaming and crying.  It took us through the entire rest of the performance to calm him down in his classroom.

Not quite how I had envisioned this program going, but at the same time, maybe not so far off!

Fortunately, since I am a camera-happy mom, I was still able to snag a couple photos and videos from the program prior to the eye-poking incident!


The poor, sweet, little boy on the right in the red sweater sobbed through the first ten minutes.  I kept thinking, "I'm glad that's not my kid.  Thankfully Nasko isn't crying."

Karma, friends.


Here are a couple videos of the performance pre-eye-injury.



This second video is my favorite.  My son is hit or miss on most of the song motions, but a chance to shake his booty?  He gets it EVERY time!  He is truly the Reverend's son...



[Dear 18-year-old Nasko reading through your mother's blog... You might hear your mama and taty laughing in this video.  Just know we are laughing WITH you not AT you as you shake your cute, European butt.  With.  Not at...]


Shockingly, this mom didn't catch the eye-poking incident on video.  I actually didn't even see it happen!  I was watching some of the other cute kids, and all of a sudden Nasko was screaming.  For a while, we were concerned he had scratched his eye and might need medical treatment, but it just seems to be red at this point.  Since Central Illinois is in the middle of a blizzard, we're hoping for no ER visits tonight!

After Nasko calmed down, he did enjoy a chocolate chip cookie in the cafeteria.  He was able to give his teachers their Christmas presents as well.


Well, here's to a Christmas program to remember!

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