First Trimester

(Today is the first day of our second trimester!  YAY!  The nausea can completely disappear now, right?  Right?  I thought that was how this worked...) (Also, the spacing on this post is all wrong.  It's making me angry.  I have no idea why it's behaving this way.  I just may put it in time-out.)


First Trimester

Week Three

Day Six

Because this isn't my first time around the block, I know we are pregnant. Bring on the nervousness. And the prayers. And some more nervousness.

Week Four

Day One

It's 5:30 am and all I want out if life is chili hot dog.
Like, I'd give my right arm for one.
Funny thing is that I posted about this on Facebook before I even realized this was related to the pregnancy. Pregnancy cravings are very real, my friends.
And if you are holding a chili hot dog today when I see you, be warned...
Day Two
Today I ate a chili dog. It was everything I hoped it would be. And more.
Day Three
Today I ate another chili dog.
Day Four
I'm developing a baby bump. I kid you not. I remembered from my previous pregnancies that I always began to show early, but I'd forgotten how early. Or maybe it's a food baby. I HAVE been eating a few chili dogs recently...
Week 5
Day One
G: Chance, I think our baby hates me.
C: What? How is that even possible? S/he doesn't even know you yet.
G: Well, s/he knows my uterus, and apparently that is enough. S/he hates me.
C: Why do you say that?
G: I feel nauseous all the time. The baby is sending me a message: "I dislike you!"
C: (rolls eyes) I highly doubt it.
If anyone comes near me with a chili dog today, I'll cut off their right arm. Yuck.
Day Two
My best friend saw my baby bump today. She thinks we are having twins... or triplets. She bet me a new shirt. If there's one baby, she owes me a maternity shirt. If there are two (or more) I owe her a new shirt. And if there are three, she swears I agreed to let her name one. I'll deny that to my grave.
Day Three
Today was our first sonogram appointment. We actually assumed we were already halfway through our sixth week of the pregnancy (the week when we've lost two of our three babies previously.) Most mothers are not called in for sonograms at this stage in the pregnancy because there isn't much to see. Because of our history, our OBGYN wanted to confirm that our baby at least had a heartbeat. That is detectable as early as six weeks. When we had our sonogram, all that was visible was the egg and the yolk sack. This is perfect for a baby who is five weeks along. Our previous calculations must not have been accurate.
This discovery made all of us (The Reverend, the nurse, my OBGYN, the sonogram technician, and I) very nervous. What if the baby wasn't growing. Were our calculations wrong, or is there an issue? And if our calculations were wrong, that means we have to live through dreaded week six AGAIN.
Week 6
Day One
I am nauseous all the time, especially when in moving vehicles where there's no fresh air. Looking forward to flying to Florida this week... Goodness.
Day Two
Woke up without nausea today. Freaked out. Was worried that we were losing the baby and my symptoms were diminishing. It is dreaded week six, after all.
Chance talked reason with me, and actually prayed and asked God to give me nausea again.
An hour later, I was nauseous. Praising God for the nausea today and everyday that He continues to bless us with this baby.
Week 7
Day Six
I've started eating every two hours. I'm not ever hungry, but this seems to bee keeping the nausea at bay. Finding enough gluten-free food to have a snack every two hours is the only thing proving to be difficult.
Day Seven
Nasko woke up at 4:30 am and refused to go back to sleep. Therefore, I've been awake since 4:30 am and haven't been back to sleep.
Because of my new "eat all the time" regimen, Nasko and I had cheese hot dogs at 8:30 am. Nasko seems to be enjoying all the food and snacking.
Week 8
Day One
Today we had a doctor's appointment. Chance and I prayed in the waiting room before our sonogram. The sonogram room only holds negative memories for us, but we felt a peace about this appointment.
Our baby is perfect! S/he measures the exact right size! S/he had a heart beat of 175 beats per minute. The coolest part of the sonogram was watching his/her tiny heart beat on the monitor. Thank you, God for our healthy baby!
And by the way, Sarah owes me a shirt. There's just one baby!
Day Two
As I look back on the sonogram, I've decided that our baby is a jokester. S/he was mooning us! There were actually TWO full moons in the picture. What a stinker. This baby is already a handful. I blame The Reverend.
Day Seven

I've been taking a ton of naps lately. It helps to ward off the nausea.

My dog, Allen must also suffer from nausea as he seems to need naps daily as well.

When I woke up from my Sunday afternoon nap today, I discovered my dog sleeping with me. A few minutes later I heard the pitter-patter of feet and Nasko and Chance were also climbing into bed.

At that point I starting singing "There were five in the bed and the biggest one said, 'Roll over, roll over!' So they all rolled over and one fell out!"

At that exact moment, the dog jumped off the bed.

It's that kind of comedic timing that I live for these days... And naps. I live for naps.


Week 9

Day One

I fully expect to have most of the pregnancy symptoms listed in the "What to Expect When You're Expecting Book". I didn't expect to have two new ones in one day.

This morning, while making Nasko's breakfast, I experienced the mother-of-all mommy symptoms. I was a bit nervous that Nasko was going to spend the rest of the day reenacting Mama leaning over a trash can.

Thankfully, he didn't.

At lunchtime, Chance came home and I was digging for something in the back of the refrigerator. He asked me a question, so I pulled my head out of the fridge to answer him. In the process, I smacked the back of my head on the door handle. The combination of a rough morning and the pain caused me to start crying.

Oh, and the pregnancy hormones.  Oh goodness, the hormones...

Chance was, fortunately, sympathetic and comforting.

Nasko, unfortunately, spent the rest of the day reenacting THIS scene...

Day Two

This is insane, but my nausea seems to be subsiding. I still feel the need to eat every couple hours, and from 7 pm to bedtime, food commercials are not my friends.  Overall though, I'm feeling better! Yay for food.


Week Ten

Day Five

I'm thankful my nausea seems to be getting better.

I'm not quite as thankful for what my scale said to me this morning though...

Day Six

Oh good, the nausea is back! We're good!

Still praising God for the nausea.

Day Seven

Today I had really bad heartburn for the first time.  At one point, I got desperate and tried swallowing 3 T. of apple cider vinegar since I read on the internet that it can relieve the heartburn "naturally".

The internets are trying to kill me...

I will not be doing that again.


Week Eleven

Day Five

We continue to thank God for the nausea.  I am mostly thankful that it hits from 6:30 p.m. - midnight.  The Reverend is typically home by then to help with caring for Nasko.  I can take things a little easier at that point... Hallelujah!

Day Six

In two days, we have our twelve-week sonogram.  We told our homegroup about our pregnancy, and a few select friends, but most people will find out when we know that the sonogram shows appropriate growth and development.

Nervous doesn't even begin to describe it.


Day Seven

I wore a relatively form-fitting sweater dress to church today as my dad was going to take our announcement pictures for tomorrow.

I didn't know this at the time, but MANY people noticed my baby bump at church.  None of them said anything to me (smart people!)  But this is why I've mostly been wearing button downs, cardigans, and scarves!

Week Twelve

IMG_3664We have a healthy, active baby!  S/he even moved his/her arm during the sonogram.  The technician swears the baby was waving at us.  Once the baby became still (sleeping?) s/he left his/her hand above his/her head.  Chance and I had to laugh, because I sleep with one arm above my head EVERY night.

As we were leaving the doctor's office, we set out to letting the world know about our baby.  Chance and I both posted our announcement photo on facebook, twitter, instagram, and the blog.  We headed to Olive Garden (because of their gluten-free noodles) to celebrate.  By the time we arrived, our phones had BLOWN UP with congratulatory texts, messages, and responses.  We looked like a very disconnected couple as we spent most of the meal reading people's reactions.  Despite how we looked, we enjoyed spending this time together!



Day Two

I can wear whatever clothes I want!  Yipppeeee!

Day Four

Happy Thanksgiving!  This year we have MUCH to be thankful for.  We enjoyed the day with family, but were most grateful for our Bulgarian terror (who needed a nap before even eating any turkey!) and our healthy, growing baby.  Praise be to God for our family!



Week Thirteen

Day 1

My hips huuuuuurt.  I had to google this to make sure it was a pregnancy symptom.  It was.

Trying to decide if that knowledge makes it easier to deal with or not!

You know what makes it easier to deal with though?  Two heating pads.

Between the body pillow, the dog, my expanding belly, and now two heating pads, Chance might have to get his own bed...

Day Three

Thankfully, my chiropractor was able to deal with my hip issue.  They are feeling SO much better.  For now, the Reverend can stay in the bed, I guess.



Day Seven

Chance has started documenting all the crazy things I say in my pregnant-exhausted stupor.  These things seem to pop out of my mouth almost nightly these days.  Again, he may need his own bed...





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