ABC's and 123's [updated]

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I know it's not time for a developmental report for Nasko, but I had to take a quick moment to brag on my boy tonight.

When we adopted Nasko, we knew he had serious delays. We understood that learning would be difficult for a child who had experienced neglect and institutionalization.

We knew that life here, with many learning opportunities, would provide a Bulgarian boy with Roma descent many opportunities that he might otherwise never have had.

A couple months ago, we were approached by an Albanian woman. Upon seeing Nasko, she instantly recognized his family's Roma roots. After speaking with her briefly, she wished us well and promised to pray that "Nasko would turn out ok since he would probably never learn properly."

Tonight, all I have to say is "Booyah Albanian lady. Booyah."

Last night, Nasko had me read him a book, over and over, for an hour and a half. It was the same book, about his adoption story, but he sat and listened and attended to the reading. He answered my comprehension questions (always teaching...) on each page, and even began predicting the story line.

An hour and a half of reading! That's incredible for any six-year-old boy.

Today, my parents were here (my mother may have been doing my ironing - my hips say "thanks Mom!") and Nasko was busy playing. He was playing with his new Thomas train set and I heard him carry part of it into the bathroom. (This is not so uncommon here, as Nasko has claimed his bathroom as his personal office.) A few minutes later, Nasko emerged singing the song we used to help him learn to spell his name. He was spelling his name over and over again. He came to the kitchen and drug me into his bathroom. At that point, this is what I saw:


Nasko had used his tracks to make an "S" - one of the letters in his name!

Again, booyah, Albanian lady. Booyah.

My son is SO smart!

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