The Emergency Room

Hint - when I am publishing lots of blog posts, things are typically good, calm, and routine. When I am not posting... well... they are not...

Saturday marked a major milestone in Nasko's life and our lives.  We made our first trip, as parents, to the Emergency Room.

Let's be honest.  It's Nasko. I'm actually surprised he made it eight months before making this trip a necessity.

Fortunately, Nasko was not bleeding, crying, or missing a limb. (When I imagined needing to go to the ER with Nasko, that's what I had envisioned.  Again, it's Nasko...)

Unfortunately though, Nasko was not acting like himself.

Last week, Nasko started doing a peculiar thing with his eyes.  He would be looking directly at you, but then lose focus and slam his eyes into the corner of his lids. (Worst description ever.  Just watch the videos.)


[youtube] Then, on Friday, Nasko and I spent the day at the children's museum while Chance was in a training in Bloomington. I began to see Nasko do a few other "off" things, but I attributed it to exhaustion and overstimulation (because that's how I, Mama, was feeling!!!)  Nasko even started flapping his wrist involuntarily on Friday.

Then, on Saturday, Nasko began having trouble maintaining balance. His knees would buckle and he would become very frustrated.  (Again, just watch the movie.)


The most frightening thing was when Nasko was asking me for "more popcorn" but could not finish the phrase. He said "More pop---" but then began flapping one wrist while nodding his head and blinking rapidly.

At that time, I called Chance (who was in the deer stand) and told him we needed to go to the Emergency Room.  I thought Nasko was suffering from seizures.

We packed a bag of things to entertain Nasko and I took a quick shower (it was a lazy Saturday - don't judge). We headed to St. John's ER in Springfield. The ER staff was amazing and did well with our crazy little man.

And of course, I had to take pictures of this monumental event:


The chicken's prognosis was not so good...


Mama is healthy!

We had a CAT scan done and everything came back clear. There was no bleeding on Nasko's brain and no tumors were found. Praise God!

The ER doctors did not seem to think that Nasko's issue involved seizures. Multiple doctors gave multiple suggestions, but the one that kept coming up was Tourette's Syndrome.

I knew nothing about this syndrome, except that some people with Tourette's will shout obscenities.  (I've since learned that is a very small percentage of the people.) I still know very little, but the more I read, the more it reminds me of Nasko.

The things we always thought were just "stages" or "phases" may actually have been ticks.  For example, about a month ago, Nasko would say "Da-shih-shuh, da-da-da-shih-shuh" repeatedly.  Like, nonstop.  It went on for about a week and a half.  And then, one day, it stopped.  Nasko has not said that phrase again since.

At this point though, we are waiting for a referral from our pediatrician.  We plan to schedule an appointment with a neurologist at St. Louis Children's Hospital.

Until then, we plan to pray.

And ask you to pray.

And hope for no more trips to the ER!


Happy Halloween!