Happy Halloween!

  Wednesday was Nasko's first Halloween!  Now, I know we are quickly approaching the holiday season, but Halloween might stay as Nasko's favorite... Who can top all that candy?!

It took until this past Sunday for me to come up with a costume idea for Nasko.  We'd spent some time exploring our options at Target and Walmart, but nothing seemed to work for him.

Most kids Nasko's age are interested in TV characters, video games, or super heros.

Nasko has an interest in none of those...

He was more interested in the animal costumes (bear, dog, horse), but they stopped at size 3T.  He is wearing 5T!

So, I spent much time deliberating and debating.

When my mom arrived Sunday, she and I spent some time brainstorming.  We discussed how much Nasko enjoyed watching the turtles in Florida, and decided that would be a great costume idea.

...but not one readily available in Nasko's size...

So we got creative!

Using sweatpants, two t-shirts, a stocking cap, a book bag (stuffed with a bicycle helmet), felt and thread, we created a warm and cheap halloween costume for Nasko!  Actually, the entire costume can be re-used as regular clothing.


He looked great!

Nasko loved pretending to be a turtle.  Chance and I milked the phrase "Turtles don't walk fast.  You have to slow down."

We started our evening at Trunk-or-Treat with our church.  Then we worked our way through our subdivision.  We worked hard on getting Nasko to say, "Trick or treat!"  He could say it very clearly, but as soon as someone opened the door, he'd clam up.  We tried gently encouraging him by saying "What do you say, Nasko?"  And as every typical kid has been trained - he answered with, "Thank you!"

Nasko loved choosing which candy to take home from each house.  He has never even seen most of them, but it didn't matter!  It's candy!  What's not to like?!

After we went through our subdivision, we headed to his bus driver's house.  Nasko absolutely loves Miss Linda, and when she gave us her address, we knew we had to pay her a visit.

She did warn us that she had pet snakes, and she wanted to show them to Nasko.

For real.

Two snakes.

We got a nice lesson in nature as we got to pet her boa constrictor and feed a mouse to her smaller snake.  Nature...

Honest to goodness, the Reverend almost passed out...

Overall though, I'd say we had a GREAT and HAPPY Halloween!


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