F.G.A. (v. 3.0)

Because of the many questions posed about our most recent exciting news, I am bringing back one of my more popular blog posts: Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.) Frequently Given Answers (F.G.A.)

Rather than share the questions in this post, I’m only going to share the answers!  Read the following and then use your imaginations to determine what the questions might have been!

1. No way!

2. The estimated arrival is June 3, 2013.  It's the Reverend and I's seventh wedding anniversary, actually!

3.  We are twelve weeks today.  We didn't want to share our news until we had a healthy twelve-week sonogram.

4.  The baby looked perfect.  (Well, as perfect as a grainy, alien baby can look!)  S/he is measuring a few days big, but big is better than small!

5.  It was difficult!  Getting dressed to cover up the news was somewhat stressful.  I'm ready to wear ANYthing now.  (For anyone going through this, button downs and cardigans are your friends!)

6.  I've only gotten sick once... I've been nauseous since finding out we were expecting though... :-)  I'm excited for food to start sounding good again.

7.  Absolutely intentional.  Prayed over, worried about, and planned.

8.  It might push our departure date back a few months in order to ensure that the baby can receive some necessary vaccines.  Other than that though, the baby shouldn't change any of our plans for Africa.  (Sorry, Mom...)  Actually, our friends in Africa have all screamed on the phone when they found out we were expecting.  Gotta love the loud African culture!

9.  We will be (hopefully) finding out at our 20 week appointment.  We think that giving the baby a name before s/he is born will be helpful for Nasko - especially if it's a name he'll need to learn to say!

10.  He is excited.  He talks about babies a lot and knows there is one in Mama's belly.  In fact, we're pretty sure he thinks the baby is in my belly button.  Recently, he held a friend's baby, and now he attempts to hold every baby he sees.  Even stranger's children when we go out to eat...

11.  Six weeks, six weeks, and seven weeks.  We are actually well past any of the times we miscarried previously.  That doesn't mean I'm less anxious, but at least we are much further than we have been before.

12.  Potentially my gluten-intolerance.  I'd like to share more info on this at a later date, but there are lots of studies on the fact that women who are gluten-intolerant miscarry.  They don't absorb vitamins correctly, so when they are pregnant, they are unable to provide enough nutrition to keep a baby alive.  Then, after these women eat gluten-free for a year, around 90% of their babies are delivered full-term.  These studies, along with our faith in God, are what helps me sleep at night!  My doctor still thinks we are nuts, but she's now becoming less nauseous when she sees our names on her appointment list.  (I'm nauseous enough for the both of us though...)

13.  Overjoyed, of course.  You've seen my dog, right?  He's overjoyed all the time.  You must be confused... that's not his sleepy face.  That's his joyous look...

14.  Prayers!  We covet your prayers!

Thanks for all your sweet messages and congratulations!  Chance and I's phones have been blowing up all day.  It's made a dreary Monday much more fun!  :)  We love you all!

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