The Girl In My Closet

A couple months ago, my husband decided to begin tracking which clothing he was wearing.  He felt that he was wearing the same five shirts every week, and he wanted to wear a better variety. He asked me for a calendar that could be hung in our closet.

I found one of the calendars from Rick Miller and Lifegate's ministry in Sierra Leone, Africa.  Many of the people in the calendar are our friends and future ministry partners.  Chance hung the calendar in our walk-in closet and has been documenting his clothing choices ever since.

In the beginning, I honestly enjoyed having the calendar in a location where it is seen daily.  It's a nice reminder to pray for these people and think of them as we are begin each day.


But recently, I've become haunted by this calendar.

Ever since the month of October began, there's been a girl in my closet.


Her eyes have pierced through me and convicted me.  She stares at me as I get dressed for my day and as I chose my night clothes.

The girl in my closet has reminded me that I have much for which to be thankful.

She has stabbed my heart when I leave my closet in frustration swearing that I have "nothing to wear."

I have avoided her gaze on the days when I have changed my jeans three times in order to find the perfect pair to complete my desired look.

The girl in my closet probably has two or three complete outfits to her name – if she is lucky.  I have enough clothing to wear two or three different outfits every day for a month.

Her beautiful face has convicted me and changed my attitude about clothing this month.

The girl in my closet actually has the worries discussed in Matthew chapter 6.  I do not.  I can rely on my clothing and need not wear them until they are worn and filled with holes.  I can change my look with every passing season.

The girl in my closet has brought me conviction, compassion, and change.


I am thankful for the pain that the girl in my closet has brought me this month.  I am thankful for the reminder that her beautiful eyes have brought me.

I am thankful for the girl in my closet.

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