Nasko's School Bus Cake


Nasko's sixth birthday is tomorrow, and because of Chance and I's new-found love of the show Cake Boss, we decided to make Nasko a school bus birthday cake.  

Because watching someone decorate a cake is exactly like doing it yourself, right?!

After arguing over who was actually the "boss" of Nasko's cake, we got to work.  

I baked a gluten-free yellow cake earlier in the day.  Chance found an image of a bus to model our cake after.  He cut off the extra cake.  I turned our white icing into yellow icing so that he could cover the entire thing.  


Nasko was very interested in the cake-making process.  He, of course, did lots of taste-testing!Image

After the yellow frosting was completed, I used white icing to make the windows.  At that time, Chance complained that the chocolate frosting "wasn't black enough," so he set out to make it "blacker."  Using all my food coloring and a large amount of the chocolate frosting, we then had ourselves some gorgeous army green...

See why I should have been the cake boss?!Image

While Chance was dealing with the green icing, I joined Nasko in the taste-testing! [By the way, I used this year's labor day to take a break from all labors.  Even showering.  Pardon my nastiness.  And the fact that I am still in my pajamas at 7:00 P.M.]Image

Chance completed the "not black enough chocolate" details.  Image

He let me write Nasko's name.  Isn't he a doll?Image

I started in the middle of Nasko's name.  High school art class taught me one thing at least!Image

Drumroll, please...

HERE is our completed cake!Image

Yay for teamwork - especially for Nasko who continues to be our most valuable player as the taste-tester!Image

Can't wait to put some candles on Nasko's cake and eat it tomorrow.  [It's currently hiding in our closet in case the monster were to wake up in the middle of the night and try to help himself to a little snack!]


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