A Newingham Male

Chance comes from a LONG line of trick-playing men.  The Newingham males are actually known for all the tricks and jokes they play on their spouses.  These tricks can be as small as hiding behind a door and jumping out at an opportune time, or they can be as elaborate as something that takes months worth of planning. As demonstrated last week, Nasko is truly a Newingham male.

And I'm (unfortunately) a Newingham female...


A few days after Nasko lost his first tooth, he was playing on our back deck while I was cooking something in the kitchen.  There is a sliding door between where Nasko was playing and where I was working.  I could hear him and keep tabs on him, but I didn't necessarily know exactly what he was doing.

Mistake number one.  Never leave a Newingham male unattended.  They will begin to scheme.  

As I was cooking, Nasko came into the kitchen.  He was holding something tiny between his fingers.  He said to me, "Ouch!  Tooth.  Pull out!"  He then put his other hand to his mouth to demonstrate his pain.

I instantly panicked.  Nasko didn't even have any more teeth that were remotely loose, let alone loose enough to pull out.  Did he knock this tooth out?  How on earth could this have happened?

Mistake number two.  Never believe a word that a Newingham male tells you.

I hurried to wash my hands and dry them on a towel, assuming that Nasko would want me to doctor his sore mouth.  Once my hands were clean, I asked Nasko to show me his mouth.

He immediately cupped his empty hand over his mouth and refused to show me where the tooth came from.

I started to feel awful.  "Wow, he must be in so much pain!  Poor baby!"

Mistake number three.  Never feel compassion for a Newingham male.  It is typically undeserved.  

At this point, I asked to inspect Nasko's tooth.  I assumed that it was pretty bloody since none of his teeth were ready to come out.

When I held out my hand to take the tooth from Nasko, he turned around and ran back onto the deck.

I, of course, followed him to the deck to see what he'd do next.

At that point, Nasko took the tooth and chucked it over the railing into the grass.  All the while his other hand was still cupped over his mouth.

I was so confused.  Why won't he let me see his tooth or his mou...

Then I looked down.  Nasko had drug some landscaping pebbles onto the deck.  He'd been playing with these rocks before coming inside.

Nasko hadn't lost a tooth!  He'd found a rock that resembled a tooth and planned an elaborate scheme to trick me into thinking he had lost one...

I started laughing so hard and saying, "You tricked Mama!  You're such a stinker!  You didn't lose a tooth; you had a rock!  Aaggghhh!"

Mistake number four.  Never react to a Newingham male's tricks.  It only encourages them to strike again.

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