Despite my facebook post from yesterday, Jesus is still a-callin'.


And after an email received today, His calling seems more urgent.


Outside of the orphanage (CROH) there are seven children being supported by Lifegate International.  We are recruiting sponsors to send money for food, education, basic medical care, and clothing. These kids will be provided for, but there is not yet room in the physical orphanage for them.

When Chance and I arrive in Africa, new orphanage buildings will be built and the children will then be moved to Brigitte Village.

For now though, these seven children are bouncing from home to home.  Many are living in less-than-ideal conditions.  Some don't know where they will lay their head at night.

They are being cared for by members of their communities and extended family.


Today, we received an email from Frank, the national director of CROH.  He has been making his rounds and checking on the children outside the orphanage.  He tries to see them regularly and meet with their caregivers.  He encourages the children and those who are raising them.

One girl, however, has run away.  When Frank went to visit her, he was unable to locate her.  Her caregivers haven't heard from her in days.

She is gone.

She may never have the opportunity to hear about Christ.  She may never be provided for again.  She may never be safe as she lays down at night.

She is gone.

If only we had been there to help provide.  If only the orphanage had been built and she was being more closely monitored.  If only she had been introduced to Jesus.

These children have needs, and their needs are urgent.


God, Lord of Heaven's Armies, protect your children tonight.


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