Tales of a pastor's kid:

Nasko evidently decided we were playing church this morning. He set up four bar stools and chairs around his electric keyboard.

He also used the iPad to turn on a folksy-sounding song about a bathtub without a drain. This song was playing when he pulled me into the bedroom and said, "Church!" (Our church HAS had quite a few southern gospel concerts lately... so this only makes sense.)

He then shook my hand at the door and handed me a hymnal (his board book about dinosaurs).

He also gave books to his stuffed bear and stuffed chicken.

I joined in by greeting my fellow church members and asking them how their weeks have been. The chicken had a sick family member, so I shared in his heartache, held his hand, and kissed his cheek.

Eventually Nasko took his place at the keyboard and asked me to stand.

I was then directed to sing along with the bathtub song (no matter that I was unfamiliar with the lyrics and my dinosaur book proved to be less than helpful.)

At one point, our dog, Allen, came into the "sanctuary" to see what was going on. Nasko became frustrated by Allen's attendance, but I reminded him that all are welcome at the foot of the cross - bears, chickens, AND dogs.

I then got the bright idea of serving communion at our church service. I retrieved a plastic orange plate containing a broken gluten-free cracker. I also brought in a coffee mug containing a small amount of apple cider - we were out of grape juice. (At this moment, I briefly wished Chance or I drank alcohol so that I could have used shot glasses instead of coffee mugs.)

And, of course, this little trip to the kitchen triggered a spontaneous snack time (we let The Spirit move here) and at that point, church was dismissed.

May the Lord bless you and keep you, my friends.

Until next week...

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