Nasko's Baptism

As many of you saw on my facebook status last night, Nasko had quite the trying day yesterday.


Even after Joanna left, Nasko was still pretty awful.  We made it through the evening, but I will say it was a struggle!

Last night before bed, I read to Nasko from his "Jesus Book."  The story was about Jesus' ascension and the Great Commission.

Not such a concrete, applicable story for my limited-language Bulgarian.

But, I did my best, and I retold the story by saying "Jesus, bye-bye.  Jesus' friends go baptize more friends."  [More poetic words have never been spoken, eh?!]

Nasko has seen a few baptisms at church, and he's seen a recorded one on the Reverend's cell phone.  He knows the sign for "baptize."  He knows that the "pool" at church is for baptisms.

Last night, after our story, Nasko asked to watch the baptism video on C's phone.  C was at a meeting though, and I don't have access to this video.

So, I did what any good 21st-century mother would do... I searched for "baptism" on YouTube!

We spent the next twenty minutes watching videos of random strangers being baptized [including a rough-looking group of motorcyclists who revved their bikes after the service - Nasko is considering placing his membership].

This morning, at 5:45, Nasko came bounding into our bedroom and asked to watch more baptism videos.  He is captivated by them!  [My thought is that Nasko has just learned to be comfortable putting his face in the water, and videos of baptisms are really just lots of people putting their faces in the water!]

Later this morning, it was time for Nasko to get cleaned up, I asked if he wanted a bath or a shower.  He asked for a bath and proceeded to sign "baptize."  After drawing the water, I realized that Nasko wanted me to baptize him.  So I did.  Six times.  And then I got him a baby doll that could also be baptized.  [I emphasized that the people being baptized went under and RIGHT back up.  I don't want Nasko's baptism services to turn into a drowning at a friend's pool.]

Despite Nasko's repeated baptisms, he still had a rough day today.

So, for that reason, I made him a doctor's appointment and trucked him into town this afternoon.  I thought he might be suffering from swimmer's ear or an ear infection.

But in fact, Nasko is getting ALL four of his molars.  At one time.  He has a low-grade fever and some very swollen gums.

I can't guarantee this is the cause of all of his behavior issues, but it can't be helping anything!

So tomorrow during his swimming lessons, I think we'll try eight baptisms in addition to the Ibuprofen and the Orajel.


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