Nasko Calling!

Yesterday morning right before church, I was reading over my children's church lesson plan one final time [ok, who am I kidding... it was probably the first time] while Nasko was laying down on my bed.  He was relaxing quietly, so I stayed in the kitchen and kept reading my lesson. Someday, my brain will register "quiet=bad."

After a few moments of hearing Nasko talk to himself, I heard the dial tone on our house phone.

I set down my invigorating lesson [God made the animals.  On the sixth day.  Any questions?] and walked into my bedroom.  I asked Nasko to hang up the phone and stop touching it, so he did [cuz he's angelic like that].

Moments later, our house phone rang.  It was 7:30 a.m., so I knew it could only be the Reverend [who was already at church] or some other family member.

I was right; it was Chance.

Here is how our conversation went:

The Reverend: How's it going?  Everything ok?

Me: Good morning!  Things are good here, how about there?

The Reverend: Umm, yes, I'm fine. [long pause].  You don't know, do you?

Me: Know what?

The Reverend: I just had a conversation with our son.  

Me: OUR son? [As if there were someone else's son in question.]

The Reverend: Yes.  He called me.

Me: On the phone?! [As if there were some other way to call one's father.]

The Reverend: Yes...

Me: Oh... And what did our son have to say?

The Reverend: Well, when I answered, I asked him what he was doing.  He said, "La-la" [Nasko's word for "lie down"].  Then I said, "Are you coming to church soon?" and he said, "Da!" [Bulgarian for "yes"].  I asked if he was going to give me a hug at church, and he said "Da.  Taty."  Then, I said, "Where's Mama?" and in response, Nasko promptly hung up the phone...

Me: Um... 

The Reverend: You had no idea he called me, did you?

Me: Not so much, no.  But, wow, his conversational skills are getting really good!  He even told you he was lying down?!  I can't believe he could answer that question!  How awesome!

The Reverend: Ginger, focus...

Let's just be glad Nasko chose to call his Taty and not some long-lost friend back in Bulgaria!

On second thought, I'd better double-check the phone bill...

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