Linking Up!

I want to share some very important websites/links with all of you today.  Please click on the links and check out these sites.  Please pray for the efforts of each site.  They are all related to the ministry that is being done in Sierra Leone, Africa. Orphan13

You may remember that the Reverend started collecting cans recently.  This ministry has taken off and over-taken in ways that we (as humans) never could have imagined.

The project is called Orphan13 because 13 is the atomic number for aluminum on the periodic table.  Aluminum cans (our trash) are single-handedly feeding orphans who previously struggled to eat even two meals per day.

Because of the number of people and businesses who have contributed to the cause of buying rice for the orphans of Children's Redemption Orphanage Home in Sierra Leone, Chance put together a website for reporting purposes.  Anytime anyone donates cans (or cash) the Reverend gives them a thank you card containing the address of the Orphan13 website.

On the site, you can learn about the specific children who are being fed.  You can find the link to follow Orphan13Project on Twitter.  You can learn how much rice just once recycled aluminum can will buy.

The part of the site that is coolest to me though, is on the right-hand side.

It's the totals.  Since the beginning of March 2012, these are the sums.

Chance regularly updates these totals and it never ceases to amaze me.  God has taken the excess trash of our friends, families, and local businesses, and turned it into life-sustaining food for previously forgotten children in Africa.  The other fact that absolutely amazes me – 71,000+ cans have passed through our garage... That's a lot of cans!

Lifegate International

Lifegate International is the umbrella organization that our family will serve with in Africa.  They will oversee Children's Redemption Orphanage Home and the Christian primary school in Brigitte Village.  They also are starting a Bible Telling School.

On their website, you can find information about each of their ministries.  You can also learn how to help.

Stories of Salvation

This site piggy-backs on the previous link as it is Lifegate International's blog. On the blog, stories and interviews are regularly posted.  These stories depict individuals and communities that are impacted by Lifegate's ministries.

Chance and I have met these people and we have been to the locations portrayed.  We've walked the same paths, we've shared meals, and we've worshipped together.  These people have amazing stories of salvation, and they are now being shared with the world.  God's glory is being demonstrated through these very unique testimonies.

I encourage you to take some time checking out this blog.

The Bible Telling School Facebook Page

As I mentioned before, Lifegate International is starting a Bible Telling School. Oral tradition is HUGE in Sierra Leone and this school will train pastors in theology, story-telling, and a vocation.  They will be offering vocations of sewing, tie-dying, and wood-working for the pastors (and potentially our orphans!)

When we move to Sierra Leone, the Reverend will serve on their staff and teach theology to the pastors.

Their Facebook page provides regular updates on the school and the village where it is located.  It documents stories of life-changing events and miracles that are taking place in Brigitte, Sierra Leone.

What is the Kingdom of God Like?

This blog is new to me, but it is something that absolutely excites me!  Recently, a gal by the name of Maribeth, a sister in the faith, has moved to Sierra Leone to work with Children's Redemption Orphanage Home and Lifegate International.  When we move there, we will serve alongside her, and partner as ministers to the orphans!  She is already doing wonderful things with the kids and helping them to develop and share their faith.  I cannot wait to read more about her ministry and eventually meet Maribeth in person!

In His Hands Orphans Outreach

This website is for a nonprofit ministry dedicated to helping orphans and supporting adoptive families.  This group is local, as they are based in Rochester, IL.  Chance serves as a board member for In His Hands.

In His Hands has agreed to partner with our family in our work with Children's Redemption Orphanage Home.  They are handling the sponsorships of the orphans living there.  They will be our forwarding agent, and they will handle all donations and support given to us (it's tax deductible!)

We are so blessed to have found this group, as they fully support our vision for the children in Sierra Leone, but most of all, because they found us our sweet little man from Bulgaria!

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