A Weekend at Baba's House and in Diado's Pool

We spent this past Thursday through Saturday at my parents' house in Kewanee, IL. Now, a trip to the Hog Capital of the World might not excite many, but you would not BELIEVE how excited Nasko was about this trip!

We made a parenting mistake (not our first, hardly our last) and told Nasko about the trip three days before we were leaving.  Never again...

Nasko refused to nap the rest of the week.  He woke at 5 am a couple days just to ask if it was time to leave.

Finally though, Thursday arrived.  It was time to go to Baba's house!  (Nasko claims that my parents' house is Baba's house, but their pool is Diado's pool!  Also, I guess the car is Baba's.  She appears to be winning this competition...)

Over the weekend, Nasko spent lots of time looking at all of my dad's model cars.  Every time he looked at different shelf (even if he had looked at it before), Nasko would exclaim, "Wow, wow!"


It didn't matter if the lights were on or off, Nasko was still entranced! (And yes, he is standing on an antique milk can... if you've been to my parents' house, this all makes sense!)


Although I have no pictures to prove it, we spent much of our weekend in my parents' pool.  We swam seven times in 2.5 days!  Nasko has become quite the fish, and it was great to have the swimming accommodations right in the backyard.

On Saturday, we went to Johnson-Sauk Trail Park.  The park isn't far from Mom and Dad's.

We ate lunch at the restaurant, where Nasko spent much of his time looking out the window...


...and reading a book (that originally belonged to Brian and me).ImageImageImage

We then rented a paddle boat.  This proved to be comical experience, as our entire Newingham family, plus my mom on the back side, were not heavy enough to keep the paddle in the water!  We would pedal our hearts out, and not go anywhere!

Must be all the running after Nasko that we've been doing!


Despite our lack of mobility, Nasko enjoyed his first experience on a "boat."


We had a great weekend relaxing, playing, reading, and swimming!


Thanks to Baba and Diado (of whom I got no pictures!) for a great weekend.  We love you!


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