1. I went to prompt care this morning because I woke up with a very sore and very swollen throat. It was like my throat was shutting in on itself. Swallowing was very difficult. I started panicking that I'd need to have my tonsils removed because they were swelling to the point of trying to kill me. Then I thought, "If I get my tonsils removed, I could eat ice cream for a whole week." Then I remembered what my body does when dairy products are in it. I promptly decided that my tonsils were fine. 2. Sometimes when I'm sick, I'm a little irrational.

3. Whenever I go to the doctor, I second-guess the severity of my illness. I start comparing myself to the undiagnosed patients around me. "Is she sicker than I am? She is at least wearing real pants (I was in yoga pants) so she must be feeling at least a little better than I am. But wait, it looks like she didn't wash her hair. I washed AND blow-dried mine. If I'm healthy enough to blow-dry my hair, should I even be here?!"

4. An older lady at prompt care this morning had her iPad with her and asked me what time it was. I pulled my own iPad out of my purse and told her it was 8:26. She then realized she could have checked her own iPad. Classic.

5. Yes, Doctor. Sticking a giant q-tip down my throat (to check for strep) did make me feel better. Except for when I could taste my breakfast again...

6. Most of what I have to say is about the doctor because after leaving prompt care, all I've done is lay in bed until Nasko's summer school ended.

7. Yesterday was Nasko's first day of summer school. The bus driver asked me to accompany him on the bus to drop him off. A side benefit (sarcasm) was that I got to experience first-hand how incredibly unorganized the special ed district's summer program really is. Not reassuring to a parent, at all.

8. In Nasko's IEP (Individualized Education Plan) it is stated that Nasko needs a one-on-one aide. (You know, so he won't attempt to drive any buses off the property or run through the building trying out every single office chair. Both of which he could/would do.) When we arrived at the school yesterday, it was like the staff had never heard of an IEP. Or a one-on-one aide. So Nasko didn't have anyone hired to help him. By 9:30 (mind you, school started at 9:00) Nasko had an aide approved and hired by the administration. Wonder how many buses he drove before they realized the necessity of that decision. They'll learn.

9. Nasko and I walked to the library yesterday. He actually let me read him a few books. His favorite was a Thomas the Train book with sound effect buttons. I LOVE children's books. This was a huge development in our lives.

10. Nasko would really rather skip looking at books at the library. His favorite part is the Ronald McDonald statue outside. It's going to BLOW his mind when the library reading program has a live Ronald come in August.

11. Allen (our high maintenance Shih-tzu) is on vacation. On the beach. Ok, that's not true, but that's what I'm telling myself. He's actually at the vet's office. He's been there since Thursday. The doctor cannot seem to figure out what is causing him to constantly scratch his skin, so Allen is spending some time in a controlled environment while the vet pokes, scrapes, and scratches him daily. See why I tell myself he's at the beach?!

12. If you ask Nasko where Allen is, he'll tell you "Teeth doctor." Nasko has been going to the dentist rather often for a desensitizing program at the Noll Dentistry Clinic. They don't sedate kids, but rather desensitize them of their fear of the dentist. Nasko has two cavities (one on each side in the back, bottom of his mouth). We've been visiting the dentist every couple weeks to "practice" the actual teeth-filling procedure. Last week, we were supposed to fill the first cavity, but Nasko sat in the chair for thirty minutes with his mouth clamped shut. It was lovely. As part of the desensitize program, the clinic gave Nasko a dental mirror, mask, rubber gloves, and other dentist necessities. Nasko has set up his practice in Joel's room. He randomly pulls family and friends into the room in order to examine their teeth and try to shove objects down their throats. Nasko is pretty interested in dentistry (and inflicting pain) at the moment, so therefore he believes that Allen is at the "teeth doctor."

13. I hired a housekeeper and then she went to Disney World for two weeks. Worst move ever. My house is a disaster but mentally I've delegated the job, so I've quit caring.

14. Yesterday though, while Nasko was at his first day of summer school, I convinced my mother to help me defrost and organize my stand-up freezer. We also washed the outsides of all my windows and vacuumed the screens.

15. Moral of the story - if you come to my house this week, please spend all your time looking out the windows or admiring my freezer. Please ignore the boogers that have been wiped on the coffee table and the random chunks of food on my dining room floor. Thank you kindly.

16. We have enough leftovers in our fridge that I probably won't have to cook all week. This sort of excites me. Especially since all I want to do is lay in bed and fear death-by-tonsillitis. And plan menus for a liquid diet that do not include dairy.

17. Please revisit thought number 2...

Thanks for letting me share my thoughts!

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