Nasko's Embarrassing Story

Most people have an embarrassing story from their junior high years. Remember? You know, like that time you had a booger hanging out of your nose the whole time you talked to the biggest hottie in the entire seventh grade? Or how about the time you came back to math class with a piece of toilet paper stuck to your shoe? Our little Nasko is starting young. His embarrassing story is from his first year of PreK.

It happened on Thursday.

Every morning around 8:00, Nasko and I go outside and read books until his bus arrives to take him to summer school. Thursday morning was no different.

At around 8:10, Nasko had actually wandered further into our yard as he was watching the construction of a new house in our neighborhood. He was standing on our front sidewalk holding his current favorite book (also one of Mama's favorites - how about that!), "Don't Let The Pigeon Drive The Bus." All of a sudden his school bus came around the corner. We typically can hear it coming, but with all the local construction, it snuck up on us!

I shouted to Nasko, "Hurry! Come bring me your book and put on your bookbag!"

So Nasko whipped around and began to do just that.

At that moment, I looked at his path and realized something; Our kiddie pool was between Nasko and I, and he was heading right toward it.

For then on, the whole scene played as if in slow motion. I opened my mouth and yelled "Watch out!" Nasko heard me, and glanced down just in time for a look of horror to spread across his face.

As he was attempting to come towards me, his foot caught the edge of the shallow pool and caused him to trip. His arms were sprawled out and his legs came out from under him.

Next thing I know, my baby is spread eagle across the kiddie pool, pigeon book and all. At this time, the bus had come to a stop out front, and my child was thoroughly soaked.

And I was laughing my head off...

Poor Nasko just laid in the pool until I gathered myself and pulled him out. He wasn't hurt - just very, very surprised. And embarrassed.

I felt bad that he kept looking toward the bus in embarrassment as I drug him towards the house for a towel and dry clothes.

When I reappeared moments later, the bus driver and monitor were still chuckling. They agreed that in all their years of experience, that had never happened!

Poor Nasko. He should just be thankful it was an embarrassing moment in front of the bus driver and his mother, rather the biggest hottie in the entire seventh grade.

Maybe this experience means that he can skip those embarrassing situations in junior high...

More likely though, there are many embarrassing stories yet to come!

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