Nasko Is Famous!

Now, I have seen the stats on this website which indicate that hundreds of people read this blog regularly, but I guess those numbers haven't meant anything until recently. It's starting to sink in that my son, Nasko, is famous!  Well, famous in our little corner of the world...

Chance, Nasko, and I have been stopped multiple times in the past three months by complete strangers.  People (who I have NEVER seen before) walk up to my son and say "Hi Nasko!"

It's a little eerie.  And a lot cool.

A few examples:

A month and a half ago when we were taking Nasko to be screened for PreK, there were a few familiar church faces also attending the screening.  They, of course, know Nasko and they also know us.  Then, there were a few other families who seemed to know us too.  One gal has a family member who attends our church, and she'd been reading the blog and getting updates about his homecoming.  She even mentioned that her family has prayed for Nasko on occasion.

Then, another gal struck up a conversation with the Reverend.  We'd never met her, but she's friends with our neighbors, and they had shared videos of Nasko with her.  She also had been thinking of him and his transition home.

Another day, more recently, I was eating at Cara's Mongolian BBQ in Springfield with my mom and Nasko.  [If you've never been to Cara's, run, don't walk.  What they lack in atmosphere, they make up for in taste.  And they are super nice to those of us who can't eat gluten.  The end.]  We were waiting for our food to be cooked, and the chef asked Nasko what his name was.  I answered for Nasko, and that prompted a gal in a nearby booth to get out of her seat and ask if he was "THE Nasko."  She evidently works at a school about an hour from Springfield with my college roommate.  My roommate had been keeping her coworkers informed on Nasko's progress.  She just happened to be dining in Cara's and recognized Nasko!

Last week, Nasko and I were on one of his infamously long tricycle rides, and a couple little kids waved at us.  I didn't recognize them from Nasko's class, but one of them seemed to recognize him!  She waved and yelled his name.  She said, "I've seen him run into my classroom at school."  Of course she had!  I'm sure he had popped into MOST of the classrooms at the elementary school by the end of the year!

Now, as a reward for being a loyal blog reader, Nasko has decided to give all of you a copy of his autograph!  A few weeks ago he asked for a pencil and paper, and he set out to making some scribbles.  I asked him to write his name (knowing he couldn't) but he attempted to write an "N" completely on his own!

So now, for all of you to save and treasure for when Nasko is ACTUALLY famous someday, here's his very first autograph:

Can't wait to see what God's going to do with my famous little man!

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