ABCs with Nasko

My mom recently came up with the idea of making an alphabet book for Nasko. (This is what happens when there are too many educators in one family!) For the past week or two, we have been brainstorming and collecting pictures. Each letter has a picture (for example, P is for "park").  The page also contains the uppercase and lowercase letter, and the letter in sign language.

Here are a couple pictures of the actual book:

And here are all the pictures we used in the book:


A is for AllenImage

B is for BabaImage

C is for cookImage

D is for DiadoImage

E is for eggImage

F is for fishImage

G is for Grandma MissyImage

H is for hairImage

I is for iPadImage

J is for JoelImage

K is for kissImage

L is for LibbyImage

M is for MamaImage

N is for NanaImage

O is for office chairImage

P is for parkImage

Q is for quietImage

R is for radioImage

S is for swimImage

T is for TatyImage

U is for upImage

V is for vanImage

W is for waterImage

X is for x-rayImage

Y is for yarnImage

Z is for zooImage

Nasko liked the book, and I'm excited to continue using it to practice his ABCs in sign language and written text.

Any of you can make one of these for your kids; you can just buy the clear photo booklet at Walmart (or bum it off your mother, if you want to be like me...)

Thanks Baba for the great idea!

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