Upcoming Events

There are two upcoming events to inform you about: The first is the most important.

It's an adoption conference.  It encourages people to help orphans and possibly adopt them.

That's a big deal where I come from.

So, you should come.

Here's the info: In_His_Hands-Adoption_conference_poster-11x17

It's on Saturday, April 14th.  Your taxes aren't due until the 16th this year, so I checked your schedule.  You're not busy.

Chance and I will be sharing about the process of adopting from Bulgaria.  Chance will be teaching about short-term missions trips to orphanages.  Chance will also be sharing everything that the Bible says about orphans in 10 minutes.

If you know Chance, that's the shortest amount of time he's ever talked about ANYTHING Bible-related.

So, in short, this conference is a big ol' dealio.


It's worth your time.

Event number two - which is less important in the grand scheme of things, but kinda important to the Newinghams.  Our church is hosting an "Open House" for us.

Praise Jesus it's not taking place AT my house.  My house is not currently open.

It is dirty.


The "Open House" is taking place at our church.  It's on April 15th from 3-5.

Everyone is invited.  Ever.

Ok, maybe not ever.

But you guys, the people who get excited when I post super-long, detailed developmental updates about my crazy, Bulgarian son, are invited.

You can just come and meet my baby, or you can come and meet my baby and buy him somethin' pretty.  From our registries: Target, Walmart.

Or you can just come to eat the cake.  I guarantee it'll be awesome...

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