Photo Dump

This post is going to be mostly pictures - many unrelated.  I'll probably do this from time-to-time.  It's mostly for the benefit of grandparents, etc., but I know everyone will enjoy seeing my cute boy!

Photo Dump

Because apparently those scrapbooks aren't going to scrap themselves...




These next pictures are from Diado Don [Chance's dad]'s surprise 50th birthday party:


After the party, we went to Don's house in the country and spent some time outside!


On this past Saturday, we went to Gillespie to visit with Chance's mom and other family in that area.  Who knew you could cover half the state of IL in two days...



This may sound crazy, but it has been warm enough to pull out the swimming pool the last couple of days.  Nasko wasn't sure what to think of it at first. He actually tried to take his swimming suit off a few times because he thought he was just taking a bath outside!  Fortunately, we have very forgiving neighbors!


For the Kids

Cooking with Nasko