Eight Weeks Home

Update: I'm an idiot. This was originally titled "Nine Weeks Home." Nasko has only been home eight weeks. Whoops. (This is going to be brief. We had too much fun staying home and playing today. I just changed our of my pajamas at 9:00 p.m. in order to shower and put on clean p.j.s. It's been a good day!)


Nasko is really gaining the ability to play. It's exciting to see him venture into his room independently and set up his barn with all the farm animals. He has been making the animals walk, moving them in and out of a fence, and pretending to have them eat.

Language (Receptive):

Nasko understands SO much! This week, we have started to give him short commands to see if he can follow them: turn off the bathroom light, go get your book, bring Mama your phone, etc. He followed every single one of the commands!

Language (Expressive):

Because Nasko is understanding more of what we are saying, he's attempting to imitate even more of it. As we were leaving the chiropractic office the other day, I said, "See you later, Dr. Allen." Without being prompted, Nasko then said, "See you later!" Dr. Allen and I just stared at him in amazement!

Gross Motor:

At Occupational Therapy, we've been focusing on Nasko's shoulder muscles. He laid on his belly on a scooter this week and had to use just his arms and shoulders to maneuver around the therapy wing. He did pretty well, but you could tell it was very difficult for him.

Fine Motor:

Nasko wanted to draw in a notebook this week, so I gave him a pen and encouraged him to write his name. I didn't help him at all, but what started as a scribble, ended up as the letter "N"! He practices writing his name everyday at school, so it was exciting to see the progress being made in just three short weeks!


We took Nasko to Petersburg's High School swimming pool this week for their open swim. Nasko was very excited, and signed "swim" all day. When we arrived though, there was an entire church group in the pool area. It was very noisy. Also, this is the first time we've ever taken Nasko into water deeper than our bathtub. Needless to say, he was a bit overwhelmed and nervous! Through the entire experience, Nasko clung to either Chance or I with a very, very tight grip. So the experience wasn't so good for his large muscles, but it was good for attachment, I guess!


We recently introduced Nasko to chocolate soy milk. When he first arrived, he refused to drink any milk - chocolate or regular. We stopped serving it to him for about a month, and then we took him off all dairy. I don't know if he had quit drinking milk at the orphanage because he realized it upset his tummy or what, but this go-around, he is loving the chocolate milk! We now try to give Nasko the power to decide if he wants chocolate milk, water, or juice at a majority of the meals. I think he enjoys this control!

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