Happy Easter!

Happy Easter, everyone. This morning, as many of you were donning new sundresses and pastel-colored ties, a few of us were putting on something different – something unusual – something important.

We were putting on our authentic African apparel.


[Thanks for asking.  If you hadn't asked, this blog post would have been in vain...]

Our church (Athens Christian Church) decided to give all of our special Easter offering to Rick Miller and his ministry to be used towards the construction of brand new homes for the orphans that Tyler, Chance, and I visited last December.

Once the remaining funds are received, the children of Children's Redemption Orphanage Home will be moving into new, family-style orphanage homes; they will be relocating to a Brigitte Village in Sierra Leone, Africa, where there is a Christian primary school and an existing church.

Up until now, you're reading and probably thinking, "Oh, wow! That's cool! Good for them! I wish I could help!"

Yay! I'm so glad you brought that up [so glad we are thinking alike today!], because we DO need your assistance!

ACC's offering (in addition to other gifts and donations needed to complete the project) will help to build a physical building for the children to live in.  It will provide walls, a roof, and protection, but it is a one-time gift.  It is not on-going.

The children have daily needs that are currently not always being met: food, uniforms for school, medicine.

In short, these children need sponsors.  They need families on the other side of the planet who are willing to sacrifice a little in order to change their worlds a lot.

For the next few weeks, I'll be spending some time telling you about each of the children in the Children's Redemption Orphanage Home.

I'll be sharing their pictures and their stories.

I'll tell of their heartbreak and loss.

I'll tell of their love for Christ.

But most importantly, I'll also be giving you an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of some amazing children on the other side of the world.

We are praying that these sponsorships will soon provide the children of CROH with enough rice, books, uniforms, and shoes to meet their most basic needs.

Please be praying about ways that your family can help sustain the fatherless in Africa.  Ask the Lord, the provider of all things, to make you a partner in His work with the orphans.  Please pray for the children as their faces and stories are posted on my blog.  Also, please continue to save aluminum cans in order to provide rice for the children.

Please help.

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