Good Doctors!

Since I gave a negative report on our eye doctor a few weeks ago, I thought it was time to share about some really great doctor's visits: Since things didn't work with Dr. K in Springfield, we had our pediatrician refer us to Dr. Tychsen at St. Louis Children's Hospital.  The visit was Wednesday, April 4, and it went very well!  The nurses and doctor were very patient with Nasko.  The waiting room was obviously set up to accommodate children (think Xbox enclosed in something that even Nasko couldn't open!)

The report from the doctor was a blessing too - he believes that Nasko's left eyebrow droops down because of his skull shape, and there is no issue of a lazy eye.  We don't need a patch, glasses or surgery!  Hurray!

At the appointment, the nurses dialated Nasko's eyes.  N hated the eye drops and continues to reinact this negative experience using objects shaped like eye droppers (think food coloring containers - closed, thankfully.)  The nurses then told us to go get lunch in the cafeteria or take a walk for a half-an-hour.  They encouraged us to leave the waiting room, so as not to overstimulate Nasko!  What a difference from the experience in Springfield.

When it was time for us to see Dr. Tychsen, he came into the room promptly.  He told Chance and I over and over how exciting it was to see people adopting older children from orphanages.  He said that had he just seen Nasko on the street, he would have assumed an autism diagnosis. But after reading Nasko's file and understanding his background and his current progress, the doctor said that he knew Nasko was going to do very well!  He was SO encouraging and kind!  We'd recommend him whole-heartly!

After finishing at the children's hospital, we drove down the road to the St. Louis Zoo.  We chose the zoo over a few other attractions (Monkey Joe's or Magic House) because of the free admission.  Unfortunately, it was spring break for many families, and we struggled to find a parking space that didn't cost us $15.00!  Dave Ramsey is so proud of us though, because we parked around 3/4 of a mile from the zoo, and didn't spend a dime!

We spent a couple hours at the zoo.  Nasko really got a kick out of the hippos.  They are in a tank, and swim right up to the glass.  Nasko would squeal with delight when they swam near him.

He also liked watching the gorillas eat their afternoon snack.

(I realize that this is a fake gorilla.  I included this photo though in order to showcase the fact that Nasko is terrified and Taty is laughing about it...  He's a great dad, really!)



Now onto another monkey good doctor:

When we lived in our previous home (in Carlinville), I had just started to see a chiropractor for my back problems.  I was in a car accident when I was 15, and I've had trouble ever since.  It became unbearable in early 2009.

We, of course, moved to Athens shortly thereafter.  I was then stuck looking for a new chiropractor.

So, I did what most people my age would do.  I googled "chiropractor near Athens, IL" and called the doctor with the best looking website.  Duh.

Little did I know that my husband and I (and eventually half of our church's congregation) would end up seeing Dr. Allen on a very regular basis.  Daryl and his wife have become good friends of Chance and I's.  They are now members of our homegroup and regular 8:00 a.m. church service attenders (They grew up Catholic... They think the traditional service is fast-paced.  We advised them not to even attempt the contemporary service!)

With how much Daryl has been able to help my back (and again, the backs of half of our church's congregation) we knew that we wanted him to take a look at Nasko's spine.

Nasko's back and neck were very tight, but Daryl has been working with us two-times-a-week to get things loosened up.  Nasko indicates that he has felt some relief.  He even pretends to pop his own neck from time-to-time:


Nasko's favorite part of seeing Dr. Allen?  Playing with a stethoscope!

Nasko got to "help" pop Taty's back.  Nasko is still working on putting "gentle" into practice...

(Daryl, here's your post - where's my discount?!  Just kidding... kind of!)


We're thankful for some really great doctors in our lives!

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